Republic Poly Head Banner


  • Mr Yeo Li Pheow 
    Principal / CEO


  • Ms Goy Soon Lan  
    Director, School of Sports, Health and Leisure
  • Mr James Lee
    Director, School of Hospitality
  • Dr Lim Boon Whatt
    Director, School of Applied Science 
  • Mr Sim Choon Hou
    Director, School of Management and Communication
  • Ms Wong Wai Ling  
    Director, School of Infocomm
  • Ms Emida Natalaray
    Director, School of Technology for the Arts
  • Mr Soh Lai Seng
    Director, School of Engineering

Appointed Members

  • Dr Michael Koh 
    Deputy Principal, Academic Services  
    (Deputy Chairman of Senate)
  • Mr Boo Chong-Han    
    Deputy Principal (Student Services and Organisational Development)
  • Mr Fong Yew Chan  
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr Ashley Chua
    Senior Director (Industry Services and SkillsFuture)
  • Mr Sundar W  
    Senior Director/Registrar, Office of the Registrar
    Director, Office of Student Support
    (Secretary of Senate)
  • Mr Albert Toh  
    Director, Academy for Continuing Education
  • Dr Girija Veerappan 
    Director, Centre for Educational Development

Elected Members

  • Ms Erika Foo
    Assistant Director (Academic) 
    Centre for Educational Development
  • Ms Ivane Tay
    Assistant Director
    SkillsFuture Office
  • Ms Alina Heng
    Programme Chair
    School of Technology for the Arts
  • Mr Edmund Tan 
    Programme Chair
    School of Engineering 
  • Ms Linda Liew 
    Programme Chair
    School of Management and Communication   
  • Ms Tan Ai Chin
    Programme Chair
    School of Sports, Health and Leisure
  • Mr Tan Kok Cheng
    Programme Chair
    School of Infocomm