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Official RP mobile apps on App Store and Google Play.


Mobile App: RP Student Navigation App (SNApp)


The RP Student Navigation App (SNApp) is a customised student life solution that maximises student engagement. Students can monitor their GPA, achievements and stay informed about all student life activities using the app. As an integral platform within the robust RP community, it connects staff and students for assistance and peer support in areas related to social, life skills, well-being, academics and industry activities. SNApp also offers news and tips on personal and career development, encouraging lifelong learning, empowering students to adopt a growth mindset and be more resilient.

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Mobile App: RP Alumni Portal (RAP)

RP Alumni Portal (RAP)

The RP Alumni Portal (RAP) app is designed to connect RP alumni from different cohorts and life stages. The all-in-one app offers our alumni to network with former classmates and access graduate services, including career, industry, and upskilling opportunities.

Key features of RAP:

  • Stay in the know with Calendar of Events, and reconnect with lecturers through reunions, homecomings, and tea sessions.
  • Access the newly digitised Alumni Club Republic membership card for campus, event, and learning privileges.
  • Gain a competitive edge with Resources on mentorship, professional and personal development, etc.
  • Unlock access to the robust support system in RP for graduates, such as health and fitness, Education and Career Guidance, and mental wellness.
  • Make a difference by giving back to the community with Volunteering.
  • Join the vibrant Communities with like-minded individuals and explore opportunities to collaborate on industry or service-learning projects.

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RP Connect

RP Connect

RP Connect transforms the way you work through the power of mobile technology, integrating essential features that streamline operations at Republic Polytechnic (RP).

For instance, we used to queue for attendance taking. With RP Connect, it allows us to take our attendance via a QR code projected on the screen, from the comfort of our seats!

More exciting features will be made available in subsequent updates.

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