Why RP?

At RP, we are committed to providing a holistic education, nurturing our students to be professionals, problem solvers and passionate citizens so that they are well-placed for success. 

With a robust curriculum and dedicated lecturers, we take pride in producing graduates who will distinguish themselves in the workplace. Over the years, RP graduates have gained recognition from industry and showed that they have something special to offer. They will also have opportunities to build on the skills and knowledge they acquired in RP, and make a smooth transition into the workforce.

Whatever your child’s aspirations may be, we hope this portal will serve as a useful source of information in helping your child select a route that best suits him or her.

Why RP?

What Parents Say

Mr Soo

Polytechnic education provides a more practical and interactive way to learn. This matches my son’s learning style, which means he is truly enjoying his learning journey at RP. Once he graduates, he will also have the option to start working or further his studies.

Mr Soo Koon Liang
Father of Student Soo Kui Xuan, Marc
Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management
School of Technology for the Arts
Year 3

As his mother, I knew that my son was having a great time at RP. This is the course he chose, and he was very interested in the things he was learning about. He has become more confident, more articulate, focused and very sure of what he wants for his future.

Mdm Nasreen Shah
Mother Of Azzad Alexander Azman
Diploma in Sonic Arts
School of Technology for the Arts
2017 Graduate

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