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How did you help or guide Amanda in the decision-making process? 

After the O-level results were released and it was time to guide Amanda in choosing a polytechnic course. My main concern was to find a course she was interested in. I wanted Amanda to study what she wanted instead of just any course for the sake of obtaining a diploma. I wanted her to enjoy her 3 years of studying and pursue a course she would excel in. 

How did Amanda make the decision to study in RP? 

RP was one of her choices when considering a polytechnic and the course to pursue. Other than helping her shortlist the courses she was eligible for, we also asked Amanda to seek advice from her uncle who worked in supply chain management to gain more insight into this industry. 

What is the most positive change you saw in your Amanda after her days in RP? 

The biggest change I saw in Amanda was her ability to present herself in front of an audience. She would probably not be comfortable doing this in the past but I can see she is more confident now. This is a skill which I believe will be beneficial for her in university and when she enters the workforce.



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How did Azzad decide to study at RP?

My elder son also attended RP, and Azzad became very interested in following in his footsteps after hearing him talk about his time there. He thought the Problem-based Learning method sounded unique and very helpful. He was also interested in the daily grading system, which helped him to monitor his progress.

What is the most positive change you have seen after Azzad’s time at RP?

As his mother, I knew that he was having a great time at RP. This is the course he chose, and he was very interested in the things he was learning about. He has become more confident, more articulate, focused and very sure of what he wants for his future.

How did you guide Azzad in making this postsecondary education decision?

We advised him to pursue something he is interested in and passionate about.

What do you think is the strength of a polytechnic education?

Students experience practical learning and get hands-on experience. They learn to work well with different people, which gives them an idea of how to manage when they step into the working world. Taking part in daily presentations gives them confidence and trains them to think on their feet. As a result, they become independent.

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How did you help Desmond in deciding on the course to pursue?

I went through the information that Desmond had gathered regarding various courses offered by the polytechnics and we sat down to discuss. I asked him questions to ensure that he was fully aware of the course details and what is required of him to complete the course. I asked why he was interested in the field of biomedical sciences and also what the possible career opportunities are after obtaining this diploma. I did this because we need our children to own their future and make decisions about what they want to be.

Why did Desmond choose to apply to polytechnic through the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)?

Desmond wanted to pursue a biomedical science diploma but we were not confident he could qualify for entry. When we heard that the EAE offers students an opportunity to secure a spot in their dream course before sitting for the O-Level examination based on interest and aptitude, we thought he should give it a try.

What do you think are the benefits of applying through the EAE route?

In Desmond’s case, it gave him a chance to pursue his dream course. I could also see Desmond was motivated to do well when he asked for chemistry tuition to improve his grades and ensure he could get into the course.

What is your advice to other parents who want the best for their children, particularly before EAE?

Demonstrate interest in your child’s studies and CCA. It is not only about grades but to help them find out more about themselves, their strengths, interests and aspirations.