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Problem solving skills and an opportunity to read medicine at top Columbia University.

"I appreciated how Problem-based Learning encouraged me to identify new solutions for current medical conditions. I was also fortunate to be given the opportunity to undertake internships at both the National University Hospital Surgical Centre and Genome Institute of Singapore.

There are many opportunities for individuals to excel and be recognised for their hard work at RP. For my efforts, I was awarded the A*Star Polytechnic Science Award/Scholarship, and the Board of Governors Gold Medal for Most Outstanding Graduate of the Year.

I am enrolled in a nine-year MD/PhD program at Columbia University, and have since carried out medical protocols quicker than my peers there because I had already been exposed to them at RP. My experience in real research environments is also very useful to what I am doing now."

Piragathesh S/O Subramanian

Diploma In Biomedical Sciences
School of Applied Science
Dunman Secondary School Alumnus

Currently on a full scholarship to read Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (Double major in Neuroscience and Behaviour & Pre-Medicine with minor in Human Rights) at Columbia University

Amanda Ho SEG

Hard and soft skills prepared her for the world of entrepreneurship


“RP’s Problem-based Learning pedagogy prepared me for my entrepreneurship journey as it inculcated in me the essential skill of problem solving from the very first day. I was constantly given exposure to real-life problems, where I had to always put on my thinking cap and think out of the box to craft a solution. 

Apart from that, I also had the opportunity to participate in the annual Supply Chain Competition held by UniSim and Singapore Logistics Association during my second year of studies. My team and I managed to win first runner-up in the competition, and I gained deeper insights into supply chain logistics.

If I had to sum up my RP student life in two words, I would say “enriching” and “thrilling”. I gained a lot of useful skills such as the ability to communicate and present, and it was thrilling to face and tackle new problems every single day. RP has developed me into the person I am today, and I am beyond thankful and proud to be an RP graduate.” 

Amanda Ho
Diploma in Supply Chain Management
School of Engineering
Regent Secondary School Alumna
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of CombineSell. Currently pursuing a part-time Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Singapore University of Social Sciences.


Getting work-ready and skills-ready via problem-based learning.

"I am currently working in Paiza, Club at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Together with my colleagues, we manage the food and beverage request and deliver excellent service to our guests. We also manage a team to ensure their performance complies with the organisation’s standards. In the near future, I am looking to expand my knowledge and experience through sharing, learning and exploring opportunities in other organisations. In the long run, I would like to take on a training or teaching role to impart my knowledge to my juniors. 

In problem-based learning, I had the opportunity to work with teammates to think through and soIve industry-related problems. I find the skills that I picked up then are very helpful now when I encounter problems at work. Our daily presentations has also allowed me to be confident in speaking to guests and colleagues. 

I am thankful for an enriching internship with the industry-leading Les Amis group. My supervisors were patient in guiding me and ensured that I made full use of my short period of time there to gain knowledge and experience. With what I learnt in RP and the experience gained during internship, I was able to adapt effectively when attached to different restaurants as a management trainee in Marina Bay Sands."

Guo MeiLing
Diploma in Restaurant & Culinary Operations
School of Hospitality
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) Alumna
Bachelor of Business (Management), RMIT University

Currently working as an Assistant Manager at Paiza Club, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Lifelong learning and pursuing PhD at NUS.

"RP gave me many opportunities to explore my interests further. From competitions and interest groups, to value-added classes, my entire in-and out-of-class experience had been very enriching. For instance, in-class exposure included modules such as web development and programming, which allowed me to secure an internship outside of school curriculum during school break.

This gave me real-world experience in web development and programming. For my Final-Year-Project, I worked with a team to develop a mobile game app (in collaboration with HDB) that won us the Singapore IT Federation Award (SITF) Silver. These experiences fueled my passion in computing even further.

Don’t just go through the classes and get a diploma at the end of 3 years. RP has so much more to offer in terms of self-development through value-added classes and CCAs, exposure through overseas study trips and internships as well as many other opportunities such as competitions, entrepreneurship, etc. "

Muhammad Shalihin Bin Othman

Diploma in Business Information Systems
School of Infocomm
St. Patrick's School Alumnus

Bsc (Hons) Computing Science (First Class), University of Glasgow - Singapore Institute of Technology
Currently pursuing PhD in Computer ScienceNational University of Singapore.