Life Beyond RP 

A polytechnic education is a stepping stone to bigger things. RP graduates are well prepared to launch their career in the dynamic working world or to embark on further education at university. Regardless of their chosen path, our graduates are professionals, problem solvers, and passionate citizens who make a positive difference to society.


Career Prospects

As an RP graduate, your child will have something special to offer: professionalism, problem-solving skills and a passion for life. It is our goal to not just impart knowledge but to help your child discover their true potential and transform into the best version of themselves: an individual who is capable of achieving their dreams.

Graduate Employment Survey

The Graduate Employment Survey (GES), jointly conducted by the five polytechnics in 2023, showed that polytechnic graduates continue to be in demand in the job market. The overall employment rate six months after graduation was at 92.7%. For those in full-time permanent employment, the overall median gross monthly salary for all graduates was $2,800 in 2023, an increase from $2,600 in 2022.

Course Category
Fresh Graduates
Gross Median Monthly Salary (SGD) 
(2022, 2023)                                                    
Post-NS Graduates
Gross Median Monthly Salary (SGD)
(2022, 2023)                                                                   
Fresh and Post-NS Graduates Gross Median Monthly Salary (SGD) (2022, 2023) 
Arts, Design & Media $2300, $2500 $2625, $2800 $2500, $2600
Built Environment $2500, $2500 $2800, $2800 $2535, $2640
Business $2500, $2600  $2890, $3000 $2500, $2700
Engineering $2550, $2629 $2850, $2900 $2700, $2800
Health Sciences  $2852, $3000  $2860, $3069  $2854, $3000
Humanities & Social Sciences $2600, $2900 $2800, $2970 $2600, $2913
Information & Digital Technologies $2700, $2700 $2880, $3000  $2747, $2900
Sciences $2250, $2340 $2570, $2980 $2300, $2500
 All Courses $2550, $2700 $2800, $2963  $2600, $2800

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SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme (WSP)

To provide graduates a head start in their career, we are proud to work in conjunction with SkillsFuture Singapore, to offer graduates access to exciting Work-Study Programmes (WSP). These 12-18 month work-learn programmes offer a combination of facilitated learning, on-the-job training and work-based projects.

Enrolling in an WSP not only provides your child with a smoother, clearer transition into the workforce, but also access to benefits such as skills-based increments, structured mentorship programmes, and industry-recognised certifications.

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Further Studies

RP opens the door to a world of possibilities and lifelong learning. Our diploma programmes lead to relevant degrees with top universities in Singapore, Australia, the UK, and Europe. In fact, many RP graduates have pursued further studies at top universities and attained numerous achievements and accolades.

In many cases, RP diplomas are also recognised to be equivalent to first-year undergraduate degrees in their respective fields of study. This means your child can complete their degree programme a year earlier than their peers! 

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