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Career Prospects

We nurture work-ready graduates. As an RP graduate, your child will have something special to offer: professionalism, problem-solving skills and a passion for life.

Graduate Employment Survey

The Graduate Employment Survey, jointly conducted by the five polytechnics in 2016, showed that the overall employment rate increased for both fresh graduates and post-National Service (NS) graduates compared to 2015. The overall employment rate in 2016 was 90.6% for fresh graduates, and 95.4% for post-NS graduates.
Polytechnic graduates continue to command good salaries. The overall median gross monthly salary for fresh graduates and post-NS graduates in full-time permanent employment was $2,200 in 2016, similar to that of 2015 graduates.

Graduate Employment Survey 2016

Course Category
Fresh Graduates
Gross Monthly Salary (SGD)
(Mean, Median)
Post-NS Graduates
Gross Monthly Salary (SGD)
(Mean, Median)
 Applied Sciences $2086, $2000  $2616, $2400
 Built Environment, Engineering & Maritime $2320, $2200  $2681, $2550
 Business, Management, Design & Others $2162, $2000  $2777, $2500
Health Sciences  $2452, $2400  $2825, $2800 
 Information & Digital Technologies $2181, $2100  $2662, $2500 
 All Courses $2251, $2180  $2706, $2517 

SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme (ELP)

This 12-18 month work-learn programme offers a combination of facilitated learning, on-the-job training, and work-based projects.

Enrolling in an ELP provides your child:

  • a smoother, clearer transition into the workforce;
  • and access to benefits such as skills-based increments, structured mentorship programmes, and industry recognised certifications.

For more details on courses and application enquiries, please visit our ELP webpage.

Further Studies

If your child is planning to further his/ her studies after graduation, every diploma programme at RP leads to a relevant degree with top universities located in Singapore, Australia, the UK, or Europe.

In fact, many RP graduates have pursued further studies at top universities and attained merit achievements, a place on the Dean’s List, and other awards.

Most RP diplomas are recognised to be equivalent to first-year undergraduate degrees in their respective fields of study. This means your child can transfer credits and complete his/ her degree programmes in just over two or three years in a four-year degree programme.

For more information, visit our further studies webpage.