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Republic Polytechnic’s Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management (COI-SCM) has developed software applications and improvement programmes that have benefited many organisations.

go Series

Developed by COI-SCM, the go Series programmes are designed to help your staff gain useful knowledge and implement a working project. You will appreciate the consultancy services provided to ensure the training translates into a work-ready solution. 

In addition, the training comes with customised consultancy services for Singapore companies in the areas of Warehouse Design & Planning, Inventory Management & Planning, Enterprise Resource Planning, Process Improvements,  Automation & Engineering, and Transportation Optimisation.

Why go Series? 

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Consultancy services to improve efficacy. 

Hands-on training to improve effectiveness.

ACE course fee

Subsidised course fees to ensure affordability. 



Helps logistic companies achieve Distribution Centre Excellence: Warehouse Performance Measurement and LEAN Model Warehouse Training.

goDCE is a 3-day training and 4-day data coaching programme.



For local companies to quickly internalise and apply LEAN principles in their business. 

goLEAN is a 3-day training in RP’s joint McKinsey LEAN Lab and 6 project sessions at the company’s premises programme.



Enables companies to quickly get up to speed with the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and apply it directly to their work process. 

goRPA is a 2-day training, and/ or actual use-case projects implementation at the
company’s premise programme. 

Case Studies

Watch these two videos to learn how RP works closely with our industry partners to develop work-ready solutions, optimise work process, and increase productivity, while reducing operating costs. 



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