GoLEAN Improvement Program

Lean Training & Implementation

Immersive Learning to Eliminate Waste

Today’s companies cannot compete effectively if they don’t have an effective continuous improvement program in place.


GoLEAN is a unique program that is designed for local companies to quickly internalise & apply LEAN principles in their business.  

It consists of a 3-day training at RP's LEAN Model Factory/Warehouse, and 6 project sessions at the company’s premises. The LEAN Lab is specifically designed to simulate a realistic operation environment. Participants get to experience first-hand

  • How a production work flow can be hindered by employee mind-set constraints, &

  • How it can be systematically optimised to achieve further improvement in productivity (100%), and reduction in inventory/space required (50%)

Another key feature of GoLEAN is the requirement for participants to implement an actual LEAN project in their company - with facilitation provided by COISCM’s experienced staff. In so doing, they get a jumpstart as LEAN practitioners – thereby speeding up the company’s transformation journey in LEAN.