About Us

The Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management (COI-SCM) was established at Republic Polytechnic in 2012 in partnership with SPRING Singapore & the Economic Development Board (EDB).

COI-SCM’s aim is to champion supply chain excellence for Singapore-based companies through innovation & process re-engineering, adoption of technology and training programs.

The centre’s staff consists of both industry veterans & academic staff from RP’s schools. Deep engagement with industry helps RP’s academic staff stay current with industry challenges and update RP’s teaching curriculum accordingly.

What We Do

Most of the work that the centre do takes the form of consultancy services & training programs.

On top of this, the centre also holds regular industry outreach events to inspire companies to consider improvement possibilities. These events showcase a curated range of innovative solutions from both RP’s commercial partners, as well as RP’s applied research solutions.

For the last 5 years, the centre has completed more than 300 projects across multiple industries. Although the majority of these projects are from the traditional logistics & wholesale sectors, there were also many from the service sectors – since supply & demand challenges cuts across all industries.

About Us - Dennis Quek

Visit Us

The centre has a 1,000m2 Supply Chain Innovation Lab where companies can explore various supply chain solutions, attend training & even test-bed new ideas. Companies can visit the centre through this link.