The Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management (COI-SCM) has completed more than 300 projects since 2012 for various industry sectors.

Read more about some of these projects below and don't hesitate to Contact Us to explore avenues for collaboration!


Equipment Distribution - Chong Lee Leong Seng (CLLS) 

Improving Warehouse Layout for Better Space Utilisation - Warehouse Planning Project

One of the challenges that CLLS faced was how to better utilize their limited warehouse space to enable the business to scale.

Several warehouse storage systems (with/without automation) were evaluated to identify a solution that best fit the business requirements (e.g. order profiles, required throughput, physical constraints etc) . Various simulations were also used to validate the shortlisted solutions for the final proposal.

The final recommendation for the company was to:

  • Install an automated vertical storage system
  • Remove 70% of its open shelvingand re-layout the storage area

The company adopted these recommendations, and they were able to achieve better space utilization and increased picking capacity by 50% with the same resource level.


Logistics Service Provider - DPEX 

Building Scalability, Enabling Growth - Warehouse Re-engineering Project

With e-businesses booming, DPEX was on a fast growth track but the lack of scalability in their processes and technology limited its growth.

That's where we came in to review their operations process and the whole business process will have to be re-engineered to build scalability to enable growth.

The following recommendations were made and adopted by the company:

  • Automated sorting line to increase capacity and reduce manpower
  • Put-to-light system used for 2nd sorting
  • Use vertical storage systems to free up space for new businesses

With this, the company was able to free up enough space and capacity for future business growth. In addition, their manpower cost have reduced significantly, and the associated manpower shortage issue was also completely resolved. 


E-Commerce - EzBuy 

Wearables to Speed-Up Time-Sensitive Processing - Operations Improvement Project

As their e-business rapidly expands, ezbuy faced many challenges in their warehouse operations, and maintaining its good reputation in customer service.

Applying LEAN techniques, we identified many opportunities in inventory management, storage strategies and picking processes.

Some of the solutions that were recommended includes:

  • Better inventory management process to reduce storage space
  • New stock item allocation methodology to reduce redundant picking efforts
  • Wearable scanner and put-to-light system to complement the new picking method

The company readily adopted these solutions and managed to significantly reduce picking time to improve productivity by 30%.


3rd Party Logistics - Sim Solutions

Better Visibility to Improve Customer Satisfaction - Delivery Tracking Software Implementation Project

As with many logistic companies, Sim Solutions did not have a clear view of what happens outside of their warehouses.

When customers call to enquire about delivery status, customer service staff would have to call the specific driver to get the necessary information. This created additional work for the drivers and distracted them from focusing on their delivery work (especially driving).

COISCM customised and implemented EasiTracker for Sim Solutions. With this, they were able to track in real-time

  • their drivers’ current location

  • the various status of their assigned jobs

In addition, the company is now able to get customers to acknowledge delivery electronically (sign on device), eliminating a lot of paperwork & the associated overheads.

The new system also allow customers to login themselves to get the information that they need immediately – improving customer satisfaction & saving further work for the company.