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RP School of Applied Science opens the door to a world of possibilities and lifelong learning. 
Wherever your journey takes you, RP learning supports you for life.

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Industry Collaborations

“We are pleased to make more headway with our Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System with this new collaboration. This MOU will allow us to work closely with Insect Feed Technologies and Republic Polytechnic to explore greater innovation from waste management to recycling for sustainability, while ensuring knowledge transfer to the next generation.”

-Mr. Poh Kok Hong
Executive Director and CEO
Darco Water Technologies Limited


Industry Collaborations

“Joey has contributed to the workplace significantly during her time at Osteopore. She has the potential to contribute more and we would like to see her do that with us.”

-Dr Lim Jing
Chief Technology Officer
Osteopore International Private Limited

  Agritech quote

Industry Collaborations

“Through the state-of-the-art AgriTech facilities at RP, students are given the opportunity to experience hands-on training. With extensive involvement in various industry projects, RP students have shown great potential, having been equipped with relevant skillsets. It’s been a pleasure working with RP and thank you for having us in playing a pivotal part in shaping young minds”

-Mr. Alfred Tham
CEO and Co-founder
lndoor Farm Factory Innovations Private Limited


Industry Collaborations

“The RP student attached to us is very diligent and has demonstrated his interest and the ability to learn. He has been performing his assigned tasks well. He is also helpful and very pleasant to work with.”

-Dr Sudipto Roy
Senior Principal Investigator
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), A*STAR

  [685 X 440] Evonik image 3

Industry Collaborations

“Republic Polytechnic (RP) has been a reliable partner in our aquaculture research thanks to their professional project management and expertise. RP's constant support and commitment in fine-tuning the result-based project scope helped to achieve good efficacy and positive outcomes. ”

- Mr. Heiko Bender
Senior IP Manager
Evonik (SEA) Private Limited


Celebrating our Outstanding Students

We would like to congratulate the winners and recipients of the school awards for their outstanding leadership and academic achievements.

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News & Events

23 Feb

[382x273] An MOU was signed between RP and Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

MOU with Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

RP School of Applied Science (SAS) is pleased to announce...

14 Jan

[thumbnail Greenwave competition 20202021

Green Wave Environmental Care Competition 2020/2021

Five Diploma in Materials Science (DMTS) students won the Encouragement...

13 Dec

Ang Siu Poh

Ang Siu Poh (DBIO graduate)

"RP has given me many opportunities to hone my presentation...

13 Dec

Ong Jia Qi

Ong Jia Qi (DENV graduate)

"Through RP’s Problem-based Learning approach, I managed to build up...

13 Dec

[382 x 273] Cathleen Kung Zhi Xuan

Cathleen Kung Zhi Xuan (DMTS graduate)

Cathleen graduated from Diploma in Materials Science (DMTS) in 2019...

13 Dec

[382 x 273] Chong Khe Ying (DBIO)

DBIO Graduate - Chong Khe Ying

Khe Ying graduated with Diploma in Biotechnology in 2016...

13 Dec

[382 x 273] Maharah Abdul Mahid - 2

Maharah Abdul Mahid (DBMS graduate)

Maharah graduated in 2014 with...

13 Dec

Muhammad Hazim Mohamed

Muhammad Hazim Bin Mohamed (DBMS graduate)

"RP has a team of passionate and caring lecturers leading...

13 Dec

[382 x 273] Abigail (checking with staff her full name)

Abigail Tan Mingli (DPHM graduate)

Abigail graduated in 2013 with a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science (DPHM)...

13 Dec

Farhan Suhada

Farhan Suhada Bin Rasip (DMTS graduate)

"RP has nurtured me to be more proactive in my...

16 Apr

Make A Difference

The Reverse Vending Machine is now here in Republic Polytechnic

With the support of Equinix, Singapore Environment Council has placed...

03 Jun

Diploma in Applied Chemistry_thumbnail image

[NEW!] Diploma in Applied Chemistry (R17)

From pharmaceutical drugs to skincare products, the practical use of...

03 Jun

DEMS thumbnail image

[NEW!] Diploma in Environmental and Marine Science (R62)

Climate change presents a host of challenges to humanity These...

11 Jan

Understanding Career Opportunities in Agri-food Industry

Enhancing Food Resilience

Participants can look forward to a tour in RP's agri-food...

23 Jul


Eco Action Day 2019

This is the first collaboration between Ricoh and Republic Polytechnic...

05 Mar

YSS 2019

Young Scientist Symposium 2019

It was a meeting of like-minded youths at the Young...

09 Jan

School of Applied Science, Opening of RP Agriculture Technology Laboratory_Slider

Opening of RP Agriculture Technology Laboratory

Republic Polytechnic (RP) launched its Agriculture Technology Laboratory on 9...

31 Oct

[382 x 273] MOE Innergy Award 2018

MOE Innergy Award 2018

We are pleased to announce that the School of Applied...

29 Sep

School of Applied Science, I Remember Carnival_Slider

I-Remember Carnival

Organised in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Disease Association, Agency of Integrated...

07 Aug

School of Applied Science, Year 2 students doing sit-ups_SAS challenge_slider

SAS Challenge

The SAS Challenge was organised to promote the value of health...

03 Jan

School of Applied Science,Republic Polytechnic’s Rain Garden

Republic Polytechnic’s Rain Garden

The RP Rain Garden, constructed in collaboration with PUB, Singapore’s...

13 Oct

School of Applied Science, Science and Mathematics Pursuit - TIMG

Science and Mathematics Pursuit (SMP)

Now into its eighth year, the SAS annual science outreach...

12 Sep

School of Applied Science, Much to Drink to at the SAS Industry Appreciation Tea - TIMG

Much to Drink to at the SAS Industry Appreciation Tea

SAS reinforced our commitment to nurture scientific practitioners at the...

01 Feb

School of Applied Science, Scientific Thinking Programme - TIMG

Scientific Thinking Programme

In its 14th run, the Scientific Thinking Programme (STP) registered...

06 Jan

Science Congress Performance - TIMG

Science Congress Performance

Themed “Sugar Wars!” the eighth run of the Science Congress...

05 Jan

School of Applied Science, Dispensing Some Practical Experience - TIMG

Dispensing Some Practical Experience

In support of SkillsFuture, the School of Applied Science (SAS)...

15 Jan

School of Applied Science, New Biomedical Sciences Enhanced Internship for Polytechnics and ITEs

New Biomedical Sciences Enhanced Internship for Polytechnics and ITEs

As part of the SkillsFuture initiative, the Biomedical Science Sector...

07 Jan

School of Applied Science, Launch of Nu3Lab, a New Food Formulation Laboratory

Launch of Nu3Lab, a New Food Formulation Laboratory

Nu3Lab was launched to support the growing needs of the...