Learning Facilities

Enhance your learning at any one of our cutting-edge laboratories and research and development (R&D) facilities.

Chart out theories and challenge the expected or even invent your own solutions to real-life issues in our state-of-the-art training and research and development (R&D) facilities, designed in close collaboration with leading research companies and key industry stakeholders such as BASF, Unity Pharmacy and Wilmar International.

Biomedical and Biotechnology Facilities


Agriculture Technology Laboratory

The Agriculture Technology Laboratory is a new facility comprising 154 square metres of learning space, housing technologies for high-tech farming in a controlled environment. It features innovative farming technologies such as the vertical plane cultivation system, conduit-based horizontal hydroponic NFT system, tray-based horizontal hydroponic growing system and substrate growing system. The lab will allow you to carry out projects in agriculture technology using the various growing systems.


Anatomy Museum

Anatomy Learning Centre

Are you a visual or kinaesthetic learner? Enhance your understanding of anatomy, neurobiology and comparative anatomy at the Anatomy Learning Centre with functional anatomical models and PowerLab hardware which simulate bodily functions.



Immerse yourself in the food manufacturing industry at our dedicated food formulation lab, Nu3Lab. Study and analyse the properties of existing F&B products in our six-panel sensory evaluation suite. Create your own healthier, tastier versions with industry-standard food processing equipment and the latest biotechnology software.

Environmental Science Facilities

Learning facilities_Raingarden

Rain Garden

The RP Rain Garden, constructed in collaboration with PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, is an outdoor learning facility providing students with the opportunity to examine and test water quality collected from the rain garden. This facility will allow you to better understand the role of natural elements like plants and soil in the management of storm water runoffs.

Water Tech

Water Technology Laboratory

Discover how to better manage our water resources in this R&D facility featuring water and wastewater treatment as well as membrane technology equipment including inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectrometer and total organic carbon and total nitrogen analyser.

Marine Science and Aquaculture Facilities



Aquaria is our dedicated marine science and aquaculture teaching and research facility. It features coral tanks, outdoor circular fibreglass tanks, and 48 indoor experimental tanks with ultraviolet light and temperature control capabilities containing a vast array of aquatic organisms, both fresh and sea water.



RP–JCU Coastal Marine Ecology and Sustainability Laboratory

Experience what it would be like to work on important conservation projects at the RP–JCU Coastal Marine Ecology and Sustainability Laboratory, a joint lab set up by RP and James Cook University (JCU), a leading marine biology and sustainability research institute.

Materials Science Facilities

Learning facilities_3D

Materials Innovation Hub

Make your wildest dreams a reality in this Innovation Hub. It houses a comprehensive suite of 3D printers to help you build that castle in the air – as well as a whole host of non-destructive testing equipment to make sure it does not collapse.


Learning facilities_Advanced composite

Advanced Composites Lab

Create your own advanced materials – stronger, lighter, more flexible than any other – and fabricate whatever strikes your imagination in this materials science lab fitted with resin infusion, wet lay-up and hot bonders facilities.

Pharmaceutical Science Facilities


RP–BASF Pharmaceutical Technology Lab

Think you got what it takes to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry? Then flex your research and innovation skills and try to create your own super drug in this R&D facility set up by SAS and BASF, the leading chemical producer in the world.


Learning facilities_RP KTPH

Teaching Dispensary

This facility simulates an actual hospital pharmacy and houses over 600 types of medication to provide you with an authentic hands-on learning experience.

RP Unity TRP

RP–Unity Teaching Retail Pharmacy

In collaboration with Unity, the facility was set up with around 800 health-related products complete with actual visual merchandising materials to provide you with an all-rounded retail pharmacy experience