About Us

Want to explore the unknown and find your 'Eureka!' moment? At RP School of Applied Science (SAS), you'll learn to uncover new knowledge to pioneer new frontiers in science. Get ready to hone your research and technical skills to make life-changing discoveries.

Delve into the modern scientific world and explore realms from aquaculture to pharmaceutics. SAS will unlock your curiosity and learning mindset that will lead you to discover your passion amidst a diversity of scientific fields. 

We'll nurture your talents and help you develop skills that will position you at the frontlines of biomedical and urban science. Challenge yourself at one of the largest science schools in Singapore, and be amazed at what you can achieve.

Start off with the Common Science Programme or find exciting opportunities in our range of diploma courses in: 

- Applied Chemistry
Biological Sciences 
Biomedical Science
- Environmental & Marine Science
- Pharmaceutical Science

About Us

Our internship programme is an integral component of your study experience at RP. Placement at a leading company in applied sciences will give you invaluable insight into real-world applications of your learning and a head start in this highly competitive industry. By participating in projects leading to new products, processes and knowledge, you can make a real impact in the world – even before you graduate.

With a highly engaged academic faculty, advanced facilities and strong industry partnerships to tap on, you will graduate from SAS with the skills and knowledge to launch a successful career in your area of passion.