Here at SAS, our students are highly encouraged to plan and execute service learning projects that benefit the society. Utilising knowledge gained from their school curriculum, our students collaborate with various Voluntary Welfare Organisations to transfer their skills to serve a need in the community. Empowered by capabilities in the areas of environmental protection, nutritional education, healthcare promotion, and scientific discovery, our students gain a wealth of experience and learn to embrace diversity through these projects.

service learning 1

Environmental Protection

Plastic Recycling Hakathon1

Plastic Recycling Hakathon2

Recycled Plastics Hakathon

The Recycled Plastics Hakathon was conducted in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, OneMakersGroup, Tzu Chi Foundation and Republic Polytechnic. The project involved the collection of plastics from public places, with the students separating the sorting these into various categories based on their properties and recyclability. Through this project, our students not only learned how to differentiate recyclable from non-recyclable plastics, but also played a part to save the world.

Arts _ Craft activity for Evangel Kindergarten1
Arts _ Craft activity for Evangel Kindergarten2

Art & Craft Activity for Evangel Kindergarten 

The Art and Craft Activity for Evangel Kindergarten was organized by students from the SAS Conservation Interest Group. At this event, our students took on active roles to teach pre-schoolers about creative use of recyclables materials like PET bottles, and transforming them into beautiful art pieces. As green ambassadors, they also shared about the importance of waste minimization.

ABC Waters Clean Up1
ABC Waters Clean Up 2

ABC Waters Clean Up

The ABC Waters Clean Up project served to educate our students about the importance of keeping Singapore’s coastal areas and beaches clean and green. Through picking up rubbish from the waterways and coastal areas, our students developed respect for nature and learnt that human interference can cause harm to living organisms in the area. They also gained an appreciation for the people who work hard in keeping our coastal areas clean and litter-free.

Nutritional Education

supermarket run_2
Supermarket Run 12

Supermarket Run 12 

The annual Supermarket Run aims to educate children aged 6 to 12 in making healthy food choices and learning budgeting tips. This was carried out through an interactive carnival, cooking workshop, and a trip to the supermarket. The event serves as a platform to showcase our students’ capability and expertise in executing and planning service learning projects, by providing a meaningful experience for the families under the care of North-West CDC.

Nutrition and Health Carnival@Keat Hong CC
Nutrition and Health Carnival@Keat Hong CC -5

Nutrition and Health Carnival

The Nutrition & Mental Health Carnival held at Keat Hong Community Centre featured both nutrition and mental health awareness activities. This interactive health carnival aimed to inspire more learning through hands-on activities as compared to the conventional passive “look-and-see” carnival. Our student volunteers at this event learned to engaged the community effectively through games such as food caviar making, promoting good health and eating habits in the process.

Urban Farm to Fork Cook Off
Urban Farm to Fork Cook Off -2

Urban Farm to Fork Cook Off

The Urban Farm to Fork Cook-off served to educate seniors about the importance of urban farming in Singapore. At this event, seniors aged above 50 were given the opportunity to plant their own microgreens in soilless substrates. In addition, our student leaders had designed games to teach the seniors about different types of urban farming methods and diseases related to unhealthy food consumption. The seniors got to make their own Agri-pizza using vegetables as ingredients.

Healthcare Promotion


Blood Donation Drive

The annual Blood Donation drive aims to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation – by sharing about the process, healing and its significance as a social responsibility. Our students involved in this project were responsible for distributing flyers around RP in the Red Cross Blood Buddy Mascot. In addition, they took on active roles to assist donors at the registration counter and to guide them to different stations for assessment.

Community health screening 1
Community health screening 2

Community Health Screening

The Community Health Screening by RP is performed in collaboration with the National Healthcare Group Diagnostics, aimed at helping student volunteers understand and empathize with the needs of beneficiaries. Students at these events carried out tasks such as consent taking and health screening. From executing cardiovascular health screening using medical diagnostic kits to communicating with the seniors, our students learn to appreciate the value of reciprocity in service learning.

iRemember 2


iRemember was organized as a health related carnival with dementia as the focus. At this event, educational booths and health talks by geriatricians were prepared to raise awareness of dementia in Singapore. In additional, free health checks for the elderly and performances for the public were scheduled. Through this event, both our students and the public learned that the community needs to be involved in tackling dementia.

Celebrating with Science

Let it glow greeting card LSLP1
Let it glow greeting card LSLP2

Let it Glow Greeting Card Project 

The Let it Glow Greeting Card project was carried out in partnership with family service centers around RP. The youth leaders were involved in guiding children on how to link up circuits to light up personalized greeting cards using conductive tape. At this event, our students picked up leadership skills and understood the importance of kindness, compassion and empathy while interacting with children from needy families.

PAYM Loves Red 1
PAYM Loves Red 2

PAYM Loves Red: Care Under Our WINGS

PAYM Loves Red: Care Under Our WINGS is a project carried out in collaboration with Peoples’ Association to celebrate National Day with the pioneer generation. The elderly invited to this event were engaged in a series of specially designed activities which encouraged them to lead an active lifestyle. Through traditional food making and the Great Singapore booth game challenge, the students not only learned about formulation of healthier food for seniors, but also how to interact with them.

Science carnival 2
Science carnival 1

Science Carnival

The Science Carnival served as a platform to bring together seniors, youth and children, where everyone collectively enjoyed the wonders of science. Under the guidance of youth leaders, both seniors and children learned how to construct accessories using UV resins, created heart quills while learning about the human anatomy, produced healthy fruit tarts, as well as played carnival games related to genetic defects, environmental habitats, marine ecology, medication management and blood typing.

Through this project, our students gained valuable insights on kindness, empathy and communication.