Service learning gives you the opportunity to use your skills, knowledge, and expertise in a meaningful way by serving the community. Our exciting Service Learning Projects (SLP) nurture you to become a compassionate, responsible, and thinking citizen. These skills stay with you for a lifetime and you can draw on them again and again in your future career and in serving others.


Local Service Learning

Swami Nursing home2018

SWAMI Nursing Home - June 2018

A local service learning project was held at SWAMI nursing home on 7th June 2018. It was jointly organised by students from both Pharmaceutica and Chinese Ensemble Interest Groups (IGs), in collaboration with SWAMI nursing home. A total of 58 students participated in this project. Students from both IGs came together and interacted with approximately 100 residents at SWAMI nursing home. During the bonding session, students were paired with one or two residents to engage them in series of hands-on activities such as arts and craft, and music performance. These simple interactions brought smiles to many of the residents! Through this local service learning opportunity, our students have learnt to be more empathetic, compassionate and respectful of others in the community. In fact, many of them now look forward to more opportunities to contribute back to the society.

great healthy bake off_SL

The gr-EAT Healthy Bake Off - September 2018

Our students organised a local service learning project titled ‘The gr-EAT Healthy Bake Off” for the seniors from Sunlove and Pacific Activity Centre. They gave a series of health-related presentations to educate them on the causes, treatment and prevention of age-related diseases (diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases). Our students also designed engaging activities for the seniors such as interactive game booths, baking cookies and designing cookie jars.

I remember_SL page

I-Remember - September 2018

Students from Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) Pharmaceutica Interest Group organised the first-ever I-Remember Carnival on 29 September 2018, in conjunction with World Alzheimer’s Month, to raise awareness of dementia. At the event, a series of activities such as talks on dementia and onsite basic health screening by Population Health, performances by RP Interest Groups, and informative booths by industry partners such as Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Unity by Fairprice, Alzheimer's Disease Association and Agency for Integrated Care were planned. Elderly citizens from selected senior care centres participated in the fun-filled day. They were paired with RP student volunteers to engage in the activities.

Science Carnival

Science Carnival – October 2018

65 beneficiaries comprising pioneers and children from Pacific Activity Centre, Woodlands Care Corner and Woodlands Social Centre attended the event. SAS students from across the 6 Diplomas worked together to organise the event by designing science-related game booths and workshops. Through this outreach event, we hope to expose both the young and old to different aspects of science. This fun platform also serves to enhance the social interactions between the younger and older participants, as well as build character and empathy in our students.

Supermarket Run

Supermarket Run 2018

The Supermarket Run is an annual local service learning collaboration with Northwest CDC. This project aims to educate and guide needy families from Family Service Centres on developing healthy food habits, maintaining an active lifestyle, and practising good finance management. Our students engaged the beneficiaries through fun games and accompanied them on a shopping trip.  Through this project, our students learn to apply leadership skills, work with each other and show empathy for others.

Overseas Service Learning

TF Scale


The Temasek Foundation Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange programme (TF SCALE) welcomed students from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH), Vietnam, in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic to build a Raingarden.

The objective of this overseas service learning trip is to build a Raingarden at a secondary school in a rural area - Long Hua, Can Gio, Vietnam. Besides constructing the Raingarden, our students took this opportunity to educate the locals on its benefits such as improving water catchment, filtering toxins, minimising breeding of mosquitos and reducing surface runoff.

Through this collaborative cultural exchange programme, our students not only acquire leadership skills but also develop valuable friendships with the Vietnamese students.