School of Applied Science (SAS) Club

SAS Club

As a new SAS Club member, you get to take part in the Freshmen Orientation Programme and the SAS Freshmen Camp. In the following years, your leadership skills will be put to the test as you help to organise activities to welcome the new freshmen to RP.

Be sure to check out events such as the Science Lab Experiment and Science and Mathematics Pursuit. We are excited to show how science can be applied to everyday life and how captivating it can really be. Come and join us on this fun and insightful journey!

Advisors: Shaaron Tan and Jacqui Chong 

Astronomy IG

Astro IG

As part of the Astronomy IG, you have plenty of opportunities to interact with astronomers in Singapore. We organise evening get-togethers every Friday where you get to meet astronomers from other polytechnics and like-minded university students. We also collaborate in teaching the general public about the night sky.

Be sure to catch our key events:

  • 7pm every Friday at Galaxy CC observatory. Open to the public for viewing of stars. Students teach others.

  • Meteor showers at Galaxy CC - Lie down on the terrace and watch the meteor shower throughout the night.

Advisor: Ashray Ramachandran (Dr)

Conservation IG

Conservation IG

In Conservation IG, you  can participate in events both in and outside of RP to promote awareness of current environmental issues and challenges. Our aim is to encourage individuals to adopt a green lifestyle and do their part for the environment. 2018 has been designated as the Year of Climate Action, so join us to support climate action.

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Advisors: Laura Yap (Dr), Ishir Lim, Jayne Loh, Lily Ganda (Dr)

Eureka IG

Eureka IG

Eureka IG provides opportunities for you to discover and develop your interest in life sciences. Here, we aim to make you a young ambassador for applied science!

Be a student leader and get involved in activities that range from team bonding games and diploma-related fun activities to field trips and service learning. You could be designing the DBIO T shirt and DBIO Y1 camp, taking part in the Supermarket Run, or getting hands-on practice in managing exhibits, booth displays, projects and workshops at external events such as Biopharma Asia Convention and Science X-periment.

Advisors: Jeremy Wu, Hon Sook Mei, Visalini Muthusamy (Dr) and Heng Kiang Soon (Dr)

Pharmaceutica IG

Pharmaceutical IG

At Pharmaceutica IG, we nurture passionate and socially responsible professionals in pharmaceutical sciences. Our mission is to engage our members through supplemental pharmaceutical sciences activities, build character and leadership skills in IG members, develop industry-ready skills and apply academic knowledge and skills to address healthcare needs in the community.

Some of the key events that we organise include Blood Donation Drive, Bone Marrow Donor Drive, Health Carnival, Suppository and Cream Making Workshops, Pharmacy and Industrial Company Visits.

Advisors: Yvonne Cheng, Josefina Seow and Zoe Soo

Maven IG

Maven IG 2018

Maven IG gathers like-minded individuals who are keen to explore, learn and pass on knowledge to others about human health and disease.  At Maven IG, we aim to nurture you into trusted experts in the field of biomedical science by developing your technical and social skills through fun learning activities.

You will have opportunities to gain useful knowledge and skills that are applicable in biomedical research and clinical diagnostics through workshops, seminars, hands-on projects, interactions with industry professionals and external trips to organisations in the life science and healthcare industry.  You will also have the opportunity to cultivate social, teamwork, leadership and management skills when you take on the responsibility to organize educational, team bonding and service-learning activities for your fellow IG members.  Join us and get ready to be transformed into a maven!

Advisors: Cherry Chan, Siti Nurbaya Ramli, Gunjan Sibal, Florina Iliescu (Dr) and Joe Tay

Marine Science IG

Marine Science IG

Interested in aquariums and fishkeeping? At Marine Science IG, we will support you as you develop your potential and skills as an aquarist. Regular talks by both RP staff and external industry speakers aim to feed you with knowledge and tips about how to better maintain your aquarium and the beautiful organisms living in it.

Join in the Trivia Games competition, where you get to test your existing knowledge of aquatic science and stand to win attractive prizes! The annual Aquarist week will include workshops for some hands-on actions.

Advisors: Oliver Chang, Chiradip Chatterjee (Dr), Steven Fong (Dr) and Jasmin Lim (Dr)