Full-time Courses

Whether you want to save the planet, help humanity or simply create better products, our six diploma courses will equip you with the necessary skills and know-how to contribute to the scientific and medical fields – and maybe even revolutionise the way we live and interact with our world.


Diploma in Biomedical Science

Help save lives with our Diploma in Biomedical Science. Receive a solid grounding in both human anatomy and epidemiology so that you understand the nature of disease and know how to treat it.


Diploma in Biotechnology

Learn how to harness the power of biotechnology and create healthier food, more powerful vaccines and more sustainable biofuels to tackle complex global health and environmental issues with our Diploma in Biotechnology.


Diploma in Environmental Science

Planning on becoming an environmentalist or conservationist? Our Diploma in Environmental Science will teach you how to secure the future of our planet through environmental engineering, sustainable technology, and environmentally-sound government policy and law.


Diploma in Marine Science & Aquaculture

Transform your love for the ocean and marine life into a rewarding career in oceanology, aquaculture, or marine biology with our Diploma in Marine Science & Aquaculture. Get up close and personal with all kinds of aquatic creatures and learn how to protect and manage the delicate marine ecosystems they live in.


Diploma in Materials Science

Fancy yourself a real-life Tony Stark? Our Diploma in Materials Science offers a solid grounding in physics, chemistry and biology, as well as a space to experiment with and push the boundaries of science. Invent your own advanced material or biomaterial and help shape the future of engineering, manufacturing, construction, and medicine.


Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science

Learn how to manage and improve the health and well-being of others and even save lives with our comprehensive Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science programme. Gain critical knowledge in areas such as drug discovery and development, clinical pharmacy, medication review, and patient counselling.

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Common Science Programme

Intrigued by the fascinating world of Science, but uncertain about the right specialisation for you? Join the Common Science Programme (CSP) to gain a broad understanding of the various science disciplines offered by the School of Applied Science (SAS).