Internship Placement & Employment

At SAS, we strongly believe in learning by doing and nothing beats actual industry experience.

Our Industry Immersion Programme (IIP) provides students opportunities to intern with established companies and to pick up valuable work experience, crucial for their development into industry-ready professionals.

The IIP also responds directly to the needs of employers for capable employees by improving the talent pool in advance. Through our programme, organisations also get the opportunity to hire seasoned individuals who will be able to jump straight into a career in the creative sector by the time they graduate, thanks to their internship experience.

We continue to invite companies to be part of our growing list of companies that work with our students.

Here are some accolades by companies of recent student interns:

internship and attachment

What Our Partners Say

Mr Seow from Raffles in Blue tie
Informed, pro-active and results-oriented, RP students are always able to contribute effectively to the roles assigned to them in our clinical laboratory. With the skills and training they have acquired throughout the course of their studies, they’re ready to join the workforce.
Seow Ser Hoe
Senior Manager
Raffles Diagnostica Pte Ltd
Our intern came from RP’s Diploma in Biotechnology (DBIO). Her attitude towards learning new techniques and understanding the science behind the experiments was commendable. With the skills to work and contribute efficiently to the team, she truly did an outstanding job.
Dr Lakshmibai Vasanthakumari Bindhu
Staff Scientist
Kemin Industries Asia Pte Ltd
We’re fortunate to have interns from RP who are filled with initiative, possess great skill sets and are always willing to lend a hand. Such students have the calibre and desire to do well in their careers after they graduate.
Kavickumar Muruganathan
Head (Eco-Certifications)/Lead Environmental Engineer
Singapore Environment Council
Photos of students on internship
DMTS interns are great team players and excellent communicators who are highly capable of working independently with minimum guidance from their supervisors.
lireza Javadian
Future City Laboratories (ETH Singapore)

How to take part in IIP@RP:

  • Submit an application, describing the training programme/job scope/duties and other placement details, which will be evaluated on its suitability.

  • Once the application is accepted, we will match and assign a student for the internship placement and a staff member as the Liaison Officer.

  • The company supervisor will record the student’s attendance and assess their performance.

  • The student will submit a workbook detailing their work experience in the company.

Join us as one of our industry partners and help mould talents for your industry!

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