Student Development @ SAS 

To better prepare you for the fast changing career landscape, the School of Applied Science has designed a Student Development Programme aimed at helping you discover your strengths and talents. Within this supportive environment, you will be able to transform opportunities into reality and achieve your greatest potential.

The programme employs a holistic approach that aims to develop students in the areas of Character, Camaraderie, Community, Competency and Career. The myriad of student life activities offered will mould you into well-rounded individuals.


Character Development

Character ambassador
Character health

Build your leadership skills as you learn to organise, supervise and execute activities as student ambassadors of SAS. Embark on health and wellness programmes which train up both your physical and mental endurance.

Camaraderie Building

Camaraderie 2
Camaraderie 1

Forge strong bonds with your peers and learn the importance of team work through participation in various camps and adventure learning activities.

Community Engagement

Community NE 1
Community LSLP 1

Be engaged in national education and represent SAS in leader dialogue sessions that aim to develop national cohesion. In addition, cultivate your sense of empathy through interaction with people from different walks of life.

Competency Development

Competency Entrepreneurship
Competency SOT

Gain industry experience and develop your entrepreneurship mindset through conferences, fieldtrips, workshops, competitions and student overseas trips which aim to not only improve your competency skills, but also widen your perspective on global issues.

Career Guidance

Career scholarship
Career ECG

Discover your career options and gather tips on how to boost your professional profiles through education and career guidance workshops, career preparatory programmes and career counselling sessions. To further boost your portfolio, embark on the scholarship preparatory programme to develop yourself into a future-ready leader.


Take the leap and soar to greater heights by joining the SAS WINGS, a programme that stretches you further, and provides you with a better chance of securing coveted opportunities such as exclusive student overseas trips, high-value internship placements and specialised competitions.

Students who perform well in the programme will be presented with the WINGS Award which can be used to boost their portfolio. Furthermore, outstanding WINGS students could be considered for the prestigious Republic Award.

Zachary John Ronald Sam Min
Joining the WINGS programme has helped me to break out of my comfort zone and ultimately transform into a more confident person. I became more willing to venture into new possibilities and cultivated essential skills such as leadership, communication, organization and planning. The programme has also made me realise that there is more to science than just simply memorising and regurgitating information that I have acquired in the classroom during my everyday lessons.
Zachary John Ronald Sam Min
WINGS Gold Plus Award recipient from the Diploma in Biotechnology
Wong Kah Ying
Being in WINGS has helped me develop soft skills like leadership, time management and confidence. I also had an opportunity to take part in the exclusive Student Overseas Trip that allowed me to explore a different culture. I had the chance to develop many friendships through the events and overseas trips I had participated in during my WINGS journey. These are things that we cannot learn just by being in a classroom. These soft skills that I have gained will grow along with me.
Wong Kah Ying
WINGS Gold Plus Award recipient from the Diploma in Biomedical Science
Fatin 2
The WINGS programme has helped me become more open-minded and exposed me to a lot of environments that are beneficial to me. Being a shy and conservative person, WINGS has helped me break out of my comfort zone and gave me confidence to lead and be involved in many events. The Science course is definitely challenging and you just need some fun in life. This WINGS programme gave me stress-relief and fun at the same time!
Fatin Afiqah
WINGS Gold Award recipient from the Diploma in Materials Science