The RP Experience

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At Republic Polytechnic, we will help you to Discover your potential, Transform opportunities into realities and Achieve your goals. We will support you on your unique learning journey, every step of the way.

Our Story

Engaging Learning Experience

Learning at RP is fun, active, engaging and goes beyond listening to lectures and memorising facts. Through our Problem-based Learning (PBL) and other learner-centred approaches, you will have the opportunity to think critically, analyse problems and develop solutions while working in groups. By exposing you to real-world problems, you will develop the confidence to think creatively and critically to devise innovative solutions to these complex problems. Academic staff, who are passionate about their work and supported by a robust professional development framework, will also enhance your learning experience.

Real-world Exposure 

Even before you graduate, you are prepared for the challenges of the real world. You will enjoy a 16 to 24 week internship where you will get a taste of your dream career, discover various career paths and gain practical work experience and transferable skills. You may also get the chance to work on collaborative projects with our industry partners.

Going Global

As an RP student, you will have many opportunities to see the world through our various overseas student programmes. Through these programmes, you will develop an appreciation for different cultures and customs, hone your language skills and discover new interests. Our students have gone to countries such as Australia, India, Japan, USA, UK, Vietnam, Indonesia and South Korea on internships, study trips, community service trips and immersion programmes.


Top-notch Learning Facilities

You will also get to hone your skills and expertise in cutting-edge facilities that simulate real-world environments. Depending on your diploma, our laboratories, studios and research rooms offer a place to chart out theories, create your own technology or invent brand-new solutions to real-world problems. Diploma-centred facilities include state-of-the-art sports centres, a top-of-the-range Foley Sound Studio, training kitchens and restaurants, and an Industry Centre that features multiple research, innovation and enterprise laboratories.

Vibrant Student Life

Vibrant Campus Life

At RP, we recognise the importance of fostering the varied talents of students and enriching their experience by encouraging a vibrant student life. We have about 100 exciting Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) that help students discover their interests and talents, while promoting friendship and a sense of community involvement. Whatever you are in to, we have a CCA for you! RP’s three annual festivals – Ignite, Momentum and Reflections – will allow you to experience different kinds of music, dance, theatre and visual arts.

A Nurturing Environment

To help you realise your potential, you will have a staff mentor who provides encouragement, support and guidance for the duration of your studies. You will gain valuable insights from your mentor’s experiences as an industry or trade professional. What’s more our Career Centre provide a range of activities such as career workshops and career counselling conducted by professional Education and Career Guidance (ECG) counsellors.

A Culture of Lifelong Learning

In line with the national SkillsFuture initiatives, RP offers you various opportunities to enhance your lifelong learning skill sets. You can better explore your education and career options with the help of our ECG counsellors, experience better structured workplace learning with enhanced internships, or gain overseas work experience with our Young Talent Programme. You can even enjoy training and mentorship programmes when you sign up for our SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programmes.

Further Studies

Many RP graduates have pursued further studies at top local and overseas universities and attained merit achievements, a place on the Dean’s list and other awards. In many cases, RP diplomas are recognised to be equivalent to first-year undergraduate degrees in their respective fields of study. This means that you can transfer your credits and complete your degree on just two years, or three years for a four-year degree programme.

As an RP graduate, you will have skills that will resonate throughout your entire life. Your professionalism, problem-solving skills and passion for life will give you an edge in any career you choose to pursue. Many RP graduates have gained recognition in various industries, both locally and overseas.