Management Labs

Management - The Engineering Design Studio

The Engineering Design Studio

The Engineering Design Studio is a one-stop facility for students to actualise their ideas through the design process. It integrates the Design Thinking process and engineering principles with a hands-on, prototyping approach in dedicated spaces and features, supported by up-to-date equipment and technology. Dedicated spaces are incorporated in the Engineering Design Studio for each stage of the Design Thinking process, comprising of: Ideation, Imagineering, Prototyping, Fabrication and Actualization. Students will discover new product opportunities and bring their ideas to life in a supportive environment.

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Management - RP-ST Logistics Healthcare Supply Chain Lab

RP-ST Logistics Healthcare Supply Chain Lab

The RP-ST Logistics Healthcare Supply Chain Lab is modelled after an integrated healthcare supply chain system. Equipped with the newest supply chain technologies, the lab will provide RP students enrolled in the Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM) and Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science (DPHM) with an immersive hands-on learning experience, preparing them for roles supporting Singapore’s healthcare supply chain needs.

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Lean Model Factory

Lean Model Factory

The Lean Model Factory is setup for learners to acquire and apply lean principles in a real-life assembly and production environment. Learners get to observe the current workflow, collect data, discuss possible process improvements and witness the significant changes via application of lean tools in a business environment.


DREAM LAB – Design for Reliability Engineering and Additive Manufacturing Laboratory

Design for Reliability Engineering and Additive Manufacturing (DREAM) Laboratory consisted of two laboratories - an ISTA accredited lab for Reliability Engineering; and an Additive Manufacturing lab which provides industry-leading 3D printing solutions in making prototypes and end products.

Learners are exposed to general stress screening, product and package testing using equipment like environmental chamber, drop and vibration test systems. They also get to use the various industrial and consumer 3D printers host in this lab for assignments, competitions and final year projects.


RP-Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Joint Laboratory

The RP-Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Joint Laboratory features a range of advanced measurement equipment such as 3D Scanning Portable Measuring Arm (Romer), m&h Infrared Probe and Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) and metal machining equipment such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine and Lathe machine. This lab is also equipped with advance manufacturing intelligence software that integrates, displays and analyses real-time measurement data for decision making via a cloud platform which can be accessed anywhere in the world.

RP-PSA Experiential Laboratory

RP-PSA Experiential Laboratory

The RP-PSA Experiential Joint Laboratory acts as a training laboratory to showcase port operations of the future. It incorporates port operations through port elements such as wall murals, container handling resources materials and berthing chart to facilitate skills-based learning. The lab allows students to experience curriculum realistically in the lab based on port operations scenarios.

Quality Engineering Laboratory

Quality Engineering Laboratory

The Quality Engineering Laboratory provides students access to the commonly used metrological equipment and tools used in production facilities worldwide. It showcases equipment and tools such as the Digital Vernier Calipers, Micrometer Screw Gauges, Microscopes, Optical Projector Machine and Digital Force Gauges that are used in Quality Control. It also has a library of International Standards documents for Quality Management System (QMS).

Management - Supply Chain Innovation Lab

Supply Chain Innovation Lab

Supply Chain Innovation Lab is a purpose-built living lab with state-of-the-art solutions for supply chain and logistics management for both learners and industry partners. This lab is industry-benchmarked to provide students an authentic hands-on learning experience simulating a practical work environment of a typical distribution centre.

Supply Chain Innovation Lab features a series of automated systems and technological solutions such as automatic picking and sorting systems, robotics, AR assisted picking and smart storage systems. These solutions help improve cost competitiveness, productivity and create new values in logistics operations and supply chain management.

Opportunities for new logistics solutions and technologies can be developed and testbeds are open for interested SMEs/MNCs or Republic Polytechnic staff.

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The ErgoSCAPE - Ergonomics for Safety, Comfort and Productivity Experience Laboratory

The ErgoSCAPE Laboratory is equipped with facilities to study how humans relate to the world around them. It aims at improving performance, productivity, safety, and comfort both at work and at play. Job Redesign with RP's unique 4E Methodology is applied to the design of jobs and workspaces to improve human performance and workplace safety.