Full-time Courses

Full-time Courses

If you enjoy more than just tinkering with your gadgets and wanting to dismantle them to find out how they work, the exciting courses by the School of Engineering (SEG) will equip you with skills and knowledge to pursue your interest and passion in the areas of engineering, aviation and biomedical fields.


Aerospace Engineering

Are you curious how a heavy aircraft can take to the sky? Our Diploma in Aerospace Engineering will provide you with a good grounding to acquire knowledge and skills on aerodynamics and propulsion, aircraft structural maintenance, engine maintenance, and repair. It will equip you with an understanding of the complexities of aerospace engineering and safety protocols.

RP, as an institute of higher learning offering this programme, has also been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) as a Singapore Airworthiness Requirements Part 147 (SAR147) Maintenance Training Organisation. This means that it is well-recognised by the industry and you’ll be ready from the get-go as an aerospace professional upon graduation!


Aviation Management

Be a high flyer in the aviation industry! Attain specialist and management skills sought after by international airlines and airports worldwide. Experience flying in Aircraft Flight Simulators. Acquire air traffic control and management skills when you role play as an air traffic controller in the Virtual Aerodrome Laboratory. Integrate knowledge with real-life scenarios when you work on industry projects and participate in exhilarating internships.



The Diploma in Engineering provides a platform for learning and thinking out of the box, bringing together engineering, function, cost analysis, aesthetics and lifestyle, to solve problems from multi-disciplinary perspectives. Students will be proficient in the design, development and implementation of solutions for engineering with a focus on business processes that will enable graduates to move up the value chain of high-value engineering.


Electrical & Electronic Engineering

The Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering equips you with broad and versatile skills to help launch your engineering career through a range of opportunities. You will develop cutting-edge skills in our state-of-the-art laboratories through one of the three specialisation tracks - aerospace electronics, communications and microelectronics.


Mobility & Robotic Systems

Modern engineering systems are large-scale, complex engineering challenges that requires a combination of expertise across engineering disciplines as well as system design. Against this backdrop, engineers must be able to apply multi-disciplinary knowledge in problem-solving, and be skillful project managers at the same time. Become an engineer of the future through the Diploma in Mobility & Robotic Systems, where you delve into the latest trends of robots, autonomous vehicles and railway management through the perspective of systems thinking and systems engineering.


Supply Chain Management

The Diploma in Supply Chain Management equips you with the know-how of planning, implementing and managing integrated supply chain functions across various industries through state-of-the-art laboratories and hands-on experiences. Students will gain a good grounding on how to tackle the supply chain challenges of the future, and respond to emergency situations when supply lines are disrupted. Graduates from this course will have can look forward to exciting job opportunities across diverse industries in the logistics and supply chain domain.


Sustainable Built Environment

Fascinated by the design of Jewel Changi Airport’s glass grid shell roof, HSBC Rain Vortex and Canopy Park? With the Diploma in Sustainable Built Environment, you will pick up the skills that will allow you to design or manage modern smart buildings with the latest digital and smart technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Smart Facilities Management and more.


Business Process & Engineering Management

Keen to know how you can better manage tasks and operations to provide a service or produce a product in a faster, more cost-effective and sustainable manner with better outcomes?

Bring the magical touch to smart business and efficient operations. Through the Diploma in Business Process & Engineering Management, you will acquire the expertise to Design, Improve, Optimise and Manage companies’ business operations and resources by developing integrated solutions across diverse sectors. This exciting field provides you with opportunities to address challenges in the evolving global landscape.


Common Engineering Programme

Sign up for the Common Engineering Programme, which allows you to take general engineering modules in the first semester. This gives you extra time to decide which area you want to specialise in for the rest of your time in RP!