Aviation and Aerospace Solutions Centre

Aviation and Aerospace Solutions Centre (AASC)

The Aviation and Aerospace Solution Centre was established to address the issues faced by the dynamically growing Aviation and Aerospace Industry in Singapore and the region. The centre aims to create solutions to aviation industry problems by leveraging on the latest advancements in technology.

Aviation and Aerospace Solutions Centre AASC

Focus Areas

Aviation Productivity and Innovation

  • Develop capabilities and solutions in Aviation Process Re-engineering, Automation Solutions, Data Analytics and Software Apps for Airport Operations, Airline Operations, Air Traffic Management, Ground Service Operations, Fleet Utilization, Aviation Manufacturing Services, and Aviation Safety and Security

Smart MRO Operations

  • Develop capabilities and solutions in MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) Process Redesign, application of Industry 4.0 for MRO, and development of new repair technologies, achieving efficiency and cost savings in MRO.

UAV systems applications

  • Develop capabilities and solutions in Feasibility studies, UAV System Design and Implementation and Specialized UAV applications. 


Key Expertise

The Aviation and Aerospace Solutions Centre offers win-win proposition to the aviation industry partners and RP.

For industry partners:

  • Proof of concept through students’ and staff projects on industry problems to create solutions and implementing its benefits

  • Contribution of staff’s expertise from their years of experience in the aviation industry

  • Use of RP’s state-of-the art facilities for experimentation and development of solutions to the aviation industry problems

  • Joint exploration with industry partners to seek funding opportunities for industry projects 


For RP:

  • Opportunities for students to address industry problems by applying their learning in RP and gain hands-on experience of latest technology and tools; leads to their skills development and industry readiness 

  • Avenues for staff to analyse latest industry trends and address problems through industry consultancy; developing their capabilities and keeps them industry relevant 

  • Enhanced reputation of RP via subject matter expertise and industry problem solving, attracting more industry collaborations



  • This centre which is within the School of Engineering has a strong team of experts comprising of staff from the Diploma in Aviation Management focusing on airlines, airports and ground service operations and staff from the Diploma in Aerospace Engineering focusing on MRO operations and the applications of unmanned aerial vehicles. They share common interests in achieving the operational excellence and application of technologies in the aviation and aerospace industry to improve productivity and efficiency.

  • It has the support of facilities in The ARCH and Virtual Aerodrome Lab, and Flight Simulators and collaborates to leverage on the facilities such as Robotics Innovation Lab and Smart Devices lab from other technology centres with-in the School of Engineering and centres from the other schools across RP as well.


Industry Project Highlights

  • SATS, Singapore: Design and fabricate a device to automatically measure and log the temperature of food in SATS catering operations
  • dnata Singapore Pte Ltd: Camera based technology with barcode scanning for the security screening of airline meal carts in dnata
  • Airbus Industries: Mobile software App for data/info communication between operations units in Airbus Industries 
  • New Repair Technologies – R&D on in-situ repair of aircraft composite with Newcastle University International Singapore 
  • New Repair Technologies – R&D on vacuum chamber for composite repair
  • New Repair Technologies – R&D on resin infusion for composite repair
  • Feasibility study with construction consultancy company DFS Initiative Pte Ltd- For using UAV in high-rise inspection
  • Partnership with Secura Group-POC project to use UAV for security surveillance.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered UAV system -Trials completed and currently undergoing reiterations to improve its power efficiency.

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