Play a part in making a difference to the society through our community projects where students are given the opportunity to give back to society and gain unique perspectives as they step outside their comfort zone.


Engineering in Community Project: Interactive Games for Geylang East Home for the Aged (GEHA)

SEG students participated in a four-day Engineering in Community (EIC) project to design, test and implement interactive games for residents of the Geylang East Home for the Aged (GEHA).

The students discovered many of the residents facing various issues ranging from poor hand-eye coordination, failing eyesight, restricted muscular movement, and severe dementia. Taking these difficulties into account, the student leaders applied their engineering knowledge to conceptualise and design four different game sets catered to the residents’ needs.

Despite some language barriers during the interaction session, the residents were able to understand the rules behind each game and had a fun afternoon playing the games.

2016 ISLP Myanmar

International Service Learning Project: TF-Scale II Outbound Programme (SEGYTU) to Yangon, Myanmar

Temasek Foundation Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange (TF SCALE) is an exchange programme that builds bridges between student leaders in Technical Vocational Education and Training Institutions (TVET) of Higher Learning. The programme aims to build leadership capabilities and develop friendships amongst the students.

On a two-week outbound trip to Yangon, Myanmar, SEG students worked closely with student leaders from Yangon Technological University (YTU) to design, implement and install solar photovoltaic systems in an under-privileged primary school.

The cross-cultural learning experience gave students from both countries the opportunity to apply what they had learned in theory the hands-on experience of installing and setting up the systems in a real environment.

2015 ISLP in Cambodia

International Service Learning Project (ISLP) in Cambodia

In a community project organised by SEG, students embarked on a 12-day ISLP in Cambodia where they were given an opportunity to install solar panels and solar-powered systems in two schools, Momeanh Primary School and Chear Smonn Primary School, both located in Bakong Commune.

Their efforts have brought positive outcome whereby the children and teachers in those schools now have well-lighted classrooms, libraries, and offices. The students also conducted a variety of workshops for the kids; topics ranging from hygiene and English language to automobile making and aeromodelling.

The ISLP was the ideal avenue for the students to combine their passion for engineering with their desire to serve the community and gain invaluable on-the-ground experience.

2015 EIC Fei Yue Seniors Activities Centre

Engineering-In-Community (EIC) Project 2015

eLEAP students participated in a three-day EIC project to design and construct terrariums for the elderly residents of Fei Yue Seniors Activities Centre. Students had to attend a workshop and a briefing session prior to their visit to the centre and work as a team to build the terrariums.

They were given a warm welcome and treated to a briefing on the centre’s operations and programmes before going on to interact with the residents. Board games such as Bingo were brought out and both the young and the young-at-heart had a blast playing together.

The students gained a greater sense of empathy as they learnt about the senior citizens’ daily needs and challenges. The experience also gave them the opportunity to bring many smiles and much laughter to the residents.


Engineering-In-Community (EIC) Project 2014

In a community project organised by SEG, eLEAP students were given a special opportunity to design and construct motor skill training aids for clients of the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN).

Taking place at APSN’s Centre for Adults, the students took part in every step of the process, from proposal writing to delivery. APSN clients were also shown how to use the aids.

Everyone worked well together to create the training aids, showing excellent teamwork while applying their engineering knowledge to serve the community.

2014 ISLP Batam

International Service Learning Project in Batam

SEG students were in Batam, Indonesia for an international service learning project at Al-Jabar School, a community hub comprising a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, junior college, and an orphanage.

Over a five-day period, the students painted three primary school classrooms and ran four small engineering-related workshops at the orphanage. The project for primary school students involves magnetism, geoboard, sand-art, and maths.

The trip concluded with a charity event where toys and stationery items donated by the team were distributed, while food were provided by members of the Batam community.