Play a part in making a difference to the society through our community projects where students are given the opportunity to give back to society and gain unique perspectives as they step outside their comfort zone.

Soaring to Greater Heights with Pathlight School_!

International Service-Learning Project to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A team of 25 SEG students embarked on an extraordinary service-learning project, WeCare 14, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Under the guidance of YMCA Vietnam, WeCare 14 focuses on three impactful initiatives:

  • Vocational Training Center (VTC) HCMC
  • Truyen Tin Charity Home
  • Smile Restaurant. At VTC

Our students became part of the local students' educational journey, attending classes and organising interactive activities to foster connection. They also served nutritious meals to those in need at Smile Restaurant and shared meaningful moments with the children at the Truyen Tin Charity Home.

Their resilience and joy were a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion and solidarity in building a brighter future.

Soaring to Greater Heights with Pathlight School_!

International Service-Learning Project to Batam, Indonesia

27 SEG students and 2 staff from the Diploma in Industrial & Operations embarked on an International service-learning project to Batam, guiding the children of Bukit Timur Little Angel Kindergarten under Yayasan Dunia Viva Wanita.

From engaging in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) workshops to heartwarming English lessons and constructing 'Kampong Sheds' and a 'hexagon wall display cabinet', it was a valuable experience that the students cherished.

Soaring to Greater Heights with Pathlight School_!

Soaring to Greater Heights with Pathlight School

Republic Polytechnic hosted a special event for the students at Pathlight School. This collaboration between Republic Polytechnic's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Centre and Pathlight School, provided an unforgettable experience for 32 secondary students from Pathlight School to explore the world of drones.

The students had hands-on experience using the Aerosim drone simulator and even a chance to fly a drone. They learned basic controls, and under the guidance of our instructors, the students safely operated the drone and completed a mini obstacle course.

It was a successful event that allowed the students from Pathlight School to discover the technology behind drones. This collaboration between different organisations showcased the positive impact we can make on the community.

Engineering in Community

Engineering-in-Community, connecting aspiring engineers with our communities

691 students, 30 lecturers, and 9 community partners conducted a 5-day workshop to connect aspiring engineers with our communities.

Participants gained valuable insights through beneficiary interviews and created innovative design projects to tackle community challenges.

The success of the event was boosted by in-person sessions, which fostered genuine connections. The enthusiasm and commitment shown by everyone involved showcased the power of engineering in community development.

Overall, the event inspired students to use their technical skills to positively impact others' lives.

Light up greeting card_2

Creation of Light-Up Greeting Card with seniors

SEG students undertook two service-learning initiatives in collaboration with Family Central (Intergeneration Learning Programme) and Care Corner Active Ageing Centre (WL16). 

These projects were designed to foster intergenerational connections through the application of engineering skills. In these projects, student volunteers imparted knowledge to the seniors on creating light-up greeting cards. The circuit design was simplified to cater to the level of proficiency for the seniors. 

3D Keychain

Digital Prototyping of 3D Keychain for students from Qihua and Fuchun Primary School

Empowering the next generation with 3D prototyping skills during this service learning! 

SEG student volunteers in partnership with Care Corner, conducted 3D prototyping workshops for students from Qihua and Fuchun Primary Schools. This Service-Learning project helped our students to engage in activities that benefit the community.


Engineering in Community Project: Interactive Games for Geylang East Home for the Aged (GEHA)

SEG students participated in a four-day Engineering in Community (EIC) project to design, test and implement interactive games for residents of the Geylang East Home for the Aged (GEHA).

The students discovered many of the residents facing various issues ranging from poor hand-eye coordination, failing eyesight, restricted muscular movement, and severe dementia. Taking these difficulties into account, the student leaders applied their engineering knowledge to conceptualise and design four different game sets catered to the residents’ needs.

Despite some language barriers during the interaction session, the residents were able to understand the rules behind each game and had a fun afternoon playing the games.