Student Overseas Trips

Are you looking to expand your horizons and explore the world? Every year, SEG students participate in a variety of overseas trips to countries in Asia and beyond to broaden and diversify their learning experience.

Some trips focus on diploma-related learning while others focus on service learning. However, all of them will provide you with exposure to enriching experiences and abundant opportunities to learn from people in other countries.



An Eye-Opening Study Trip to Osaka, Japan

Students from the Diploma in Aerospace Engineering discovered the rich heritage and culture of Japan during their 6-Day-5-Night visit to Osaka in 2019. 

Besides exploring the historical monuments of ancient Kyoto, a UNESCO World Heritage site, our students also toured the modern cities of Osaka and Nagoya and learnt more about the unique Japanese traditions and business culture. They also visited universities, the Unagi Pie Factory, the Suzuki museum, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JSDF) airbase, and the Hamamatsu Air Park.

The highlight of the trip was the Structural Design Workshop held at the Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology, where our students partnered their Japanese counterparts to gain a deeper understanding of the various concepts behind traditional Japanese architecture. 


Aerospace Study Trip to Taiwan

Students from our three Aerospace Diplomas (Diploma in Aerospace Avionics, Diploma in Aerospace Engineering and Diploma in Aviation Management) went on an Overseas Study Trip to Taiwan from 24th March to 30th March 2019. 

In this seven-day study trip, our students explored the leading engineering institutions and companies in Taiwan such as China University of Science and Technology, FEELER Company (World’s Top 3 Precision engineering company) and ChenFull International Co Ltd. 

They also gained exclusive access to National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology Exhibition Centre and Chung Cheng Institute of Technology (National Defense University), where they learnt more about the different aerospace technologies and LEAN Production systems in Taiwan. 



Study Trip to Bangkok Leads to Valuable Partnerships

62 students and four staff leaders from School of Engineering (SEG) had a week of enriching study trip to Bangkok, Thailand in March 2018. There were academia visits to Rangsit University and Mahanakorn University of Technology, as well as industrial visits to companies such as Gravitech Electronics, NHealth Asia Limited, Hana Semiconductors, and Compass Hospitality. 

These excursions allowed our students to learn beyond what was covered in their diplomas. During the study trip, our students impressed the hosts with their excellent presentation skills when students shared about their Final Year project works. It was not all academic learning as our students were given recreational time to enjoy the Nanta Show and relish a shopping experience at the Chatuchak weekend market! 

Maximising the opportunities from this trip, SEG and the RP Office of International Relations also partnered Thai companies and institutions to explore internship opportunities in Bangkok. As a result, an internship collaboration with N-Health, Bangkok, was established and the first batch of SEG students embarked on their overseas internship at N-Health in October 2018!


Varsity and Industry Visits in Taipei, Taiwan

A team of 46 students and three staff from the Diploma in Engineering Design with Business embarked on a seven-day visit to Taipei in October 2018. 

The team explored the various engineering and product design labs of the National Taiwan University and learnt more about the rich history and heritage of the institution from friendly alumni tour guides. 

They also visited engineering companies in Taiwan, such as Pacific Cycles and Sha Yang Ye Robot Wonderland, which featured innovative bicycle designs and entertainment robots.   



Seeing Engineering in a New Light in Japan

During a visit to Osaka, Japan on March 2017, our batch of Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management students encountered an experience that changed their perspectives towards operational engineering. The 24 DESM students, accompanied by two staff members, visited a variety of railway-related organisations and took an immersive observation of railway operations and train maintenances in Japan.

Through this learning experience, the students were brought to clean workplaces and learnt about lean operations. This led them to believe that excellence can be achieved through the application of deep skills, coupled with commitment and diligence. The students also went on a trip to Kyoto Railway Museum, where they could appreciate the evolution of railways in Japan and the correlative impact on the country’s development and way of life. Witnessing what was possible, these students were eager to apply their learning to Singapore’s rail industry when they start working in the industry after their graduation.

There was also an exchange trip to Japan’s National Institute of Technology, Nara College, where the group was warmly welcomed by the faculty. Each RP student was paired with a local Japanese student for a fun and meaningful culture sharing session. This was followed by a series of visits to the college’s engineering laboratories, where the local students presented their projects. It wasn’t all about studies for these students! The Nara College visit was capped off with a friendly soccer match, and our students also enjoyed some well-earned time visiting the famous Shrine in Kyoto and viewing the early cherry blossoms.


Mission Accomplished on a Study Trip to New Zealand

March 2017 witnessed the furthest, and by far the coldest Overseas Study Trip undertaken by the School of Engineering! Our Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (DAE) students were exposed to a highly enterprising and innovative engineering culture in New Zealand and, in particular, to Martin Jetpack, the New Zealand-owned, designer and manufacturer of Jetpack. Our students were tremendously inspired as the experiences further spurred their creativity and perspectives towards aircraft design.

The DAE students also had the opportunity to view Antarctic research programmes that were launched from Christchurch, New Zealand and gained insights into the types of aircraft and equipment used in the programmes. This immersive visit had the students experiencing an Antarctic storm in a simulator, and getting up close and personal on the Hagglund Ride, a vehicle used in the Antarctic missions!


2016 SOT Japan

Study Trip to National Institute of Technology, Akashi College with Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) and Diploma in Green Building Energy Management (DGEM)

In September 2016, 24 SEG students from DEEE and DGEM benefitted greatly from an overseas trip to Osaka, Japan. They bonded and make friends with resident students at Akashi College.

The professors from Akashi College coordinated company visits to introduce the students to some of Japan’s most advanced technologies in automation, manufacturing, data computing, and biotechnology. This included tours of leading companies like Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. and K Computer in RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science.

Staff and students also visited the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, Abeno Life Safety Learning Center and Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN.

2016 SOT Taiwan

Study Trip to Taiwan with Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (DAE)

In March 2016, 24 students from DAE visited Taiwan; a seven-day student trip designed to enrich students and provide them with a greater understanding of the aerospace industry.

The students participated in fun and educational activities including site visits to established manufacturing plants, research centres, and educational institutes. Students had the opportunity to visit the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, the primary research and development institution of the Republic of China’s Ministry of National Defence.

The programme also included trips to the night markets and a cultural theme park, which gave students a taste of Taiwanese culture and traditions.


2015 SOT BKK

Study Trip to Bangkok, Thailand with Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) and Diploma in Green Building Energy Management (DGEM) Students

In March 2015, 46 SEG students and three staff members went on an eight-day trip to Bangkok, Thailand where they were immersed in its local culture and gain new insights into the world of electrical and electronic engineering, and green building energy management.

Participants were able to deepen their knowledge in their chosen disciplines through visits to local companies and Rangsit University, one of Thailand’s top universities. SEG student representatives conducted a professional workshop on Designsparks PCB and Mechanical during a sharing seminar session at the university.

The students also gained a first-hand perspective on how cars are built and manufactured during an eye-opening site visit, and had a highly interesting time at the forensics museum.

2015 SOT Taiwan

Study Trip to Taiwan with Diploma in Aerospace Avionics (DAA) and Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (DAE)

In March 2015, a total of 47 aspiring aviation students gained a deeper appreciation of the industry through a study trip to Taiwan where they learnt more about future aviation technologies and how they can be better positioned to serve the global demands in air travel.

Over the course of seven days, participants visited maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities, as well as manufacturing plants and education institutions. There they gained a comprehensive understanding of the wide array of activities and processes involved in the aerospace industry.

These experiences served to help them better appreciate their classroom learning and widen their global perspective as an aviation practitioner.


2014 SOT China

Study trip to Beijing and Tianjin with Diploma in Aerospace Avionics (DAA)

In September 2014, 24 DAA students set off for a six-day trip to China for an exciting behind-the-scenes glimpse into the global aerospace industry.

In Tianjin, the group visited the historic Airbus Tianjin and saw how an A320 jetliner is assembled. The students also toured the classrooms, laboratories, workshops and hangars at Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College and the Civil Aviation University of China.

In Beijing, students visited Ameco Beijing, the largest aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Company in China. At Beihang University, the first university in China to specialise in aerospace technology, students got a tour of the campus and visited the fascinating Chinese Aviation Museum.

2014 SOT Australia

Study trip to Sydney with Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE)

In March 2014, 24 DEEE students jetted off to Sydney for a first-hand peek at the emerging global trends in electronics engineering.

At the University of Technology, the group learned about the various engineering courses on offer and took a tour of their facilities. At the Australia Film TV and Radio School, a guided tour revealed that this is the only National Institution offering degrees to prepare students for careers in the broadcasting industry.

The group also visited the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Australia’s leading educator for the 3D Animation, Game Development, and Visual FX industries. Students were also offered a rare opportunity to attend a one-hour workshop in 3D creation using MAYA software in which three of them were given prizes for producing the best animations.