Internship Placement & Employment

Internship Placement & Employment

At SEG, we strongly believe in learning by doing and nothing beats actual industry experience.

Our Industry Immersion Programme (IIP) provides students opportunities to intern with established companies and to pick up valuable work experience, crucial for their development into industry-ready professionals.


In the final year of their studies every student is given the opportunity to apply first-hand knowledge, skill sets, and techniques acquired in the classroom through the IIP. Every final year student is attached to a company with direct relevance to their Diploma programme for one semester to benefit from the objectives of the IIP, which are:

  • Facilitating students to gain work experience in their field of studies

  • Allowing students to adapt effectively to future employment

  • Developing students' good work ethics

  • Expanding students' network of contacts

The IIP also responds directly to the needs of employers for capable employees by improving the talent pool in advance. Through our programme, organisations also get the opportunity to hire seasoned individuals who will be able to jump straight into a career in the engineering sector by the time they graduate, thanks to their internship experience.

We continue to invite companies to be part of our growing list of companies that work with our students.

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