Supply Chain Technology Centre

The Supply Chain Technology Centre (SCTC) is one of the centres that operate within the School of Engineering. The centre focuses on technology development, consultancy services, applied research, training and education relating to supply chain management, and logistics.

Supply Chain Technology Centre

Our Key Expertise

Use of network and data modelling applications for Logistics processes to help industry:

  • improve their decision-making capabilities by making use of supply chain analytics 
  • focus on productivity and sustainability improvements that can be easily adopted by companies.


  • The Supply Chain Innovation Lab allows for test-bedding of latest technologies that can be deployed in logistics and supply chain companies. It includes automation equipment, e.g. conveyor sorting systems, robotic palletiser, automated pallet mover, collaborative robots, and vertical lift modules.

  • To complement the training and education on best practices, there is a LEAN Model Factory for training on how to reduce waste in organizations & a Human Factors Ergonomics Lab that focuses on improving human ergonomics at workplaces.

  • There are advanced manufacturing equipment such as 3D Printers and scanners, as well as reliability testing equipment for packages such as drop and vibration tester.

Industry Project Highlights

Dynamic Vehicle Routing and Dispatching System for City Logistics

The objective of this project is to develop a vehicle routing and dispatching system to address the challenges faced by intra-city logistics and transportation sectors in Singapore. It is used to improve the efficiency of daily delivery operations through innovative optimization methods based on the analysis of historical delivery data and real-time traffic data.

The project has been completed and successfully commercialized, and licenced to logistics companies to assist them in their vehicle scheduling and routing operations. The project was also given a Commendation Award under the MOE Innergy Awards 2016.

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