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Part-Time Diploma

Engineering - Operations

Diploma in Engineering (Operations and Engineering Management)

This Part-Time Diploma provides participants the opportunity to be trained in logistics and operations management, as well as quality and productivity improvement. Equipped with the knowledge, working professionals will be able to help companies improve productivity and business efficiency, and at the same time move up the career ladder to a junior management role.

Engineering - Electrical

Diploma in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)

This Part-Time Diploma provides participants a good foundation in Electrical and Electronic (EE) engineering to equip them for the diverse and dynamic EE industry. This programme is unique in that it offers two specialisation tracks in specific fields: Microelectronics and Electronic Communications. These are high value-adding sectors in EE industry with very strong demand for skilled and trained EE professionals.

SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programmes (ELP)

SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme leading to a Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management

SkillsFuture ELP leading to a Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management

This course aims to equip participants with specialised knowledge and skills in the field of supply chain management, including pharmaceutical and biochemical supply chain, and cold chain management.

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