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DAVM Ngui Kai Xuan (2021)

Ngui Kai Xuan

Diploma in Aviation Management (DAVM)
Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd

To intern as a Changi Youth Ambassador at the world’s most awarded airport was a dream come true for Kai Xuan. She experienced first-hand the operations at the airport and realised the tremendous efforts that go on behind-the-scenes and round-the-clock to deliver world class service to passengers and visitors to Changi Airport.

Kai Xuan’s internship with Changi Airport Group gave her the chance to gain real work experience through working with the Ground Operations team to ensure that terminal operations progress smoothly.

From facilitating passenger movement to answering passengers’ queries to assisting with Lost and Found items, from assisting Duty Terminal Managers with the day-to-day terminal operations and fault and incident management, every shift at the airport was different and exhilarating.

DAE Aaron Chang Zheng Jie (2021)

Aaron Chang Zheng Jie

Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (DAE)
Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd

Aaron performed Power BI tasks such as the coding, diagnosis of errors, rectification of errors and addition of new Power BI charts for the departments. He also completed closing of products in the Thales system and archival of E-Documentations for Thales’ warranty.

Aaron applied the skills and knowledge acquired during his diploma course to understand the reasons for these tasks, as well as how the Electronic Display Unit (EDU) and Power Supply of the aircraft operates.

During his internship, Aaron learnt to be more independent and driven to complete tasks on his own initiative. It led to the improvement of the department’s efficiency through his Power BI project, which was accepted, completed and implemented by the department.

He is grateful for this opportunity given to him by Thales and Republic Polytechnic. It was a fruitful learning experience.

DSCM Ang Qian Ya, Cherie (2021)

Ang Qian Ya, Cherie

Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM)
DSV Air & Sea Pte Ltd

Cherie found the experience of working in a corporate setting while learning about ocean freight forwarding to be enriching and beneficial. She was tasked with auto-rating using CargoWise Production (CW1) and Excel Functionalities. Challenging herself to learn these new hard skills allowed her to broaden her horizons. Furthermore, soft skills that had been honed, such as communication and teamwork, played a key role in her internship, allowing her to clear her doubts with her supervisors as well as colleagues ensuring seamless operations. These practical skills will be useful in the future, both at school and in the workplace.

Cherie has been extremely grateful for the knowledge she has gained during her internship and honoured to experience what it takes to work in the freight forwarding industry.

DSCM Yeo Zi Xuan (2021)

Yeo Zi Xuan

Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM)
ST Logistics

Zi Xuan was attached with ST Logistics, ST Healthcare Quality Management, for her internship. This internship has taught her valuable lessons and experiences.

Not only was she able to experience how the quality control process works in various areas and its importance, she was also involved in a project to set up a lab for mask testing with her supervisor.

She enjoyed her internship experience as she encountered various challenges to tackle or to continuously find ways to improve the operations process, through applying some of the skills and knowledge she acquired in RP.

It is worth mentioning that Zi Xuan continues working with ST Logistics after her internship.


DEEE Eaint Chit Zue

Eaint Chit Zue

Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (DEEE)
Internship at Xilinx Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Interning at Xilinx Inc was an eye-opening experience for Eaint who gained technical, software and communication skills.

Her main job scope was to collect the data on the quality testing and real-time error in the FPGA units. Eaint set up the hardware (components required for the test-data collection) and prepared the software by choosing the correct program for the family of the FPGA unit. Besides working on the test floor, she also picked up a new programming language – Python. Due to Covid-19, when working from home was required, she was asked to study Python and completed mini projects with it.

Working at Xilinx Inc and having communication sessions with the company supervisor has greatly widened her perspective on pursuing a career in the future. She is more certain on which career she would like to pursue.


DGEM Vincent Yeo Keng Hock

Vincent Yeo Keng Hock

Diploma in Green Building Energy Management (DGEM)
Internship at Myanmar Lighting IPP (MLIPP)

Vincent was in his final semester when he was given the opportunity to travel to Myanmar for an internship with a combined cycle power plant which was Myanmar Lighting IPP (MLIPP).

He was attached to different departments to enable him to experience and learn the entire spectrum of operations work.

He shared that he has learnt much by working in a real-world environment and was able to apply the knowledge he gained at RP. This overseas internship also allowed him to experience how to adapt to different cultures, language and how to be independent.

DEEE Sim Yong Lin

Sim Yong Lin

Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (DEEE)
Internship at NHealth Asia Pte Ltd (Thailand)

Going on an overseas internship with NHealth Asia was an experience that Yong Lin, a final-year DEEE student, will never forget.

Yong Lin was stationed in Bangkok Hospital where he was involved in the verification, calibration and preparation of the various medical equipment used in the hospital.

Besides the technical knowledge and skills learnt, Yong Lin has also picked up a new language and developed both professional and social relationships with his Thai colleagues. His perspective on pursuing a job outside of Singapore has greatly widened and he is now more confident in embarking on a global career in the future.


Clifford Ng Seng Yoon

Diploma in Engineering Systems & Management (DESM)

Clifford stepped out from his comfort zone and went on an overseas internship with Knorr-Bremse Systems for Rail Vehicles in China. While in China, he was exposed to various technologies and equipment, and experienced a culture that was different from what he experienced in Singapore.

Clifford challenged himself to learn new techniques, and acquired sufficient skills to earn the trust of his supervisor. Clifford also built on his networking skills by establishing good teamwork with his colleagues.

Overall, it was an eye-opening experience for Clifford and he certainly benefitted greatly from this internship.


Mou Yunlin

Diploma in Engineering Systems & Management (DESM)

Yunlin did his internship with Hollysys (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, a leading automation and IT solutions provider that specialises in Industrial Automation, Railway Transport Automation and Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Solutions.

Yunlin was able to apply what he learnt from his studies in RP during this internship, and also contributed to the company. Yunlin performed well during his internship and was eventually employed as a full-time employee after the completion of his internship.


Edwin Low Yiek Siang

Diploma in Engineering Design with Business (DEDB)
Internship at AEM Singapore Pte Ltd

Edwin started his internship with AEM Singapore Pte Ltd in the Test and Measurement department. He was assigned to various trainings such as testing of products from popular brands like MMVNA and TESTPRO. The training also included CAD drawing where he had to make CAD models according to specific requirements. He also learnt about the use of metal in product development.

Edwin applied the knowledge acquired during his diploma course to help in the making of physical prototypes for testing of concepts before sending for production. He was involved in one of the product CAD improvement and led the communication with vendors to discuss specific design and manufacturing consideration. He eventually released his design for production.


Oh Sin Hwee Karenis

Diploma in Aerospace Avionics (DAA)

Karenis was always keen to have an overseas internship experience. She was assigned to Nok Air, Thailand for her final year Overseas Industry Immersion Programme (OIIP).

Karenis was in the Technical Engineering Department (TED) where she assisted to enter the data for aircraft logbooks and also analysed the trend of repeating defects of aircraft. She was later transferred to Technical-Line Maintenance (TM-L) department where she was given the opportunity to follow Aircraft Licensed Engineers (LAE) for their daily inspection and maintenance activities.

During this oversea internship, Karenis learnt to be more independent and understand different aircraft manuals and their purpose in helping the maintenance team. She also learnt more about the core purpose of the department in assisting the LAE and Pilot for better flight and maintenance operations.


DGEM Tan Keng Soon

Tan Keng Soon

Diploma in Green Building Energy Management (DGEM)
Internship at Barghest Building Performance Pte Ltd

Keng Soon was in his final semester when he embarked on an internship in the Audit department at Barghest Building Performance Pte Ltd. Subsequently, he was successfully confirmed as full-time staff in the company after his internship period.

During the internship, he managed to gain valuable experience on energy audit tasks while working with the permanent staff and other interns in the company. Eventually, the team felt confident enough to allow him to handle the energy audit tasks on site.

The twenty weeks that he spent in the company were fruitful and enjoyable, as he experienced actual energy audit work and learnt from experienced people working in the industry.

Nur Khalisah Binti Ohrallayali

Diploma in Engineering Design with Business (DEDB)
Internship at PT Genesis IndoJaya

Nur Khalisah had her internship at PT Genesis IndoJaya, property development company which is based in Indonesia, Jakarta. She performed training assignments such as researching on properties within the country, vendor sourcing, assisting marketing and sales, during the first few weeks of the internship while being closely mentored by the staff.

She was later involved in the first project outside of Jakarta, Citadines Berawa Beach Bali. She performed general administrative duties and was responsible for two events, which are the Groundbreaking Ceremony and Private Sales Event. She applied her knowledge acquired from her diploma course to plan and execute marketing timelines, vendor and project management, project brochure and the actual running of the events.

Handigol Ayush Ajay

Diploma in Aerospace Avionics (DAA)

Handigol Ayush was assigned to Aviation Virtual Pte Ltd for his final year Industry Immersion Programme (IIP) where he had the opportunity to learn about the applications of Virtual Reality (VR) and interact with new technologies related to VR.

Handigol was tasked to program and implement interactive features into the project using the Unity Game Engine where he is able to utilize his programming skill that he learnt in RP. During this internship, he was involved in many AV projects such as Passenger Loading Bridge Simulator, Marine Project, Galley Project and Finger Exercise project.

Handigol considered himself as lucky as this internship had provided him a wonderful learning experience that had also broaden his programming skills, especially in the VR applications.

Ibrahim Mazeen Muneez

Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (DAE)
Internship at Chromalloy (Thailand) Ltd

In Chromalloy Thailand, Mazeen worked in various tasks such a welding, grit blasting and non-destructive testing (NDT). He had first-hand experience on how each department complements one another in order for the entire company to function properly as a whole.

Mazeen had the opportunity to understand how Thailand’s Aerospace MRO industry operates and believes there is a promising future for Thailand aerospace industry.

After five months of leaving his comfort zone, the overseas internship has instilled greater confidence in Mazeen to work anywhere in the world as he had proven himself with this stint in Thailand.

Madura Chinthana Varnasooriya

Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (DAE)

Madura’s work involved testing of Main Gear Steering System (MGSS), analysis of capability for new setup, test fixture upgrading programmes and development of an automation system of the thermocouple testing method.

The internship helped Madura to effectively transfer the skills, knowledge and practices that he acquired in the class and the school environment to the working environment and better prepare himself in starting his career in the Aerospace Industry.

Madura is grateful for the plentiful learning opportunities and has accepted the job offer for a full-time position with the company at the end of this internship.


2016 Internship DAVM SATS Ng Xi Kai Maximilian

Ng Xi Kai Maximilian

Diploma in Aviation Management (DAVM)
Internship at SATS Ltd

Max was in his final year of the DAVM course when he embarked on an internship with the Flight Operations Department at SATS Ltd.

During his internship, he was tasked with evaluating meteorological information and determine potential hazards to help ensure the safety of flights. He also communicated with the pilot to convey this vital information and successfully complete his task.

With his internship at a renowned flight operations department, Max has gained a valuable insight into how the team contributes to the safe and efficient dispatch of flights around the world.
2016 Internship DSCM DHL

Ting Yong Kim

Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM)
Internship at DHL Healthcare Hub

During his internship in DHL Healthcare Hub, Ting Yong Kim, a third-year DSCM student, enjoyed rewarding experiences in operations that built on his learning at school.

Yong Kim had the opportunity to carry out essential industrial inspections in real-life warehouses including racking safety, ladder compliance and fire safety. He worked with teams across all the major logistics operations, from inbound deliveries and product picking to packing and outbound deliveries.

He particularly enjoyed the outbound operations as he learned how pharmaceutical products are packed in accordance with government health board regulations.


2015 Internship DAVM Jetstar Asia

Gabriel Ong Yao Zhun

Diploma in Aviation Management (DAVM)
Internship at Jetstar Asia

An internship with Jetstar Asia was a dream come true for DAVM graduate Gabriel Ong Yao Zhun who had long aspired to be a part of the airline’s cabin crew.

Having passed a medical check-up, Gabriel underwent a six-week training programme where he learned about aviation safety and security, aircraft operations, evacuation, communication skills, standard operating procedures, cabin management, and airline service procedures.

While safety is of paramount importance when looking after the cabin, Gabriel learnt that customer service, professionalism, multi-tasking, and connecting with people are equally important in his capacity as an airline cabin crew.

2015 Internship DSCM Sheng Siong

Feroz Khan Bin Ahmad Khan

Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM)
Internship at CMM Marketing, Sheng Siong Group

For Year 3 DSCM student Feroz Khan Bin Ahmad Khan, an internship at CMM Marketing, Sheng Siong Group turned out to be an enjoyable and challenging experience that taught him a lot about life in the e-commerce scene.

A typical day for Feroz began when he received the selection list of customers’ online orders. Having identified the items, he packed them into individual baskets before updating the information in the system and getting the orders ready for shipment.

As part of the e-commerce team who was responsible for fulfilling online orders, Feroz realised that the key challenge of being in the sector of e-commerce for perishables is maintaining product freshness.


2014 Internship DAVM SYFC

Goh Jie Shen Jason

Diploma in Aviation Management (DAVM)
Internship at Singapore Youth Flying Club

An internship with the Singapore Youth Flying Club turned out to be an enriching and fulfilling process for DAVM graduate, Goh Jie Shen Jason.

Having passed a medical check-up, Jason was put through the basics of flying, learning how to fly straight and level, as well as performing more complex manoeuvres such as the ‘step turn.’

The taste of success came as he passed his finals and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore exams to be awarded a license; as well as those coveted wings.

2014 Internship DIOM Rockwell Automation

Heng Jun Xiang

Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management (DIOM)
Internship at Rockwell Automation

DIOM graduate Heng Jun Xiang, benefitted greatly from a four-month internship at Rockwell Automation, a worldwide provider of industrial automation.

His challenge was to build a LEGO sorting machine that could filter differently coloured and shaped Lego bricks for the company’s new engineers.

Being involved from the planning, prototyping, and testing stages through to working on concepts improvement and cost calculation, he built his confidence and learned a great deal while meeting each project target.