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2023_Corvin Kum_DIOM

Corvin Kum

Diploma in Industrial & Operations Management (DIOM)
Overseas internship with Fuchsia Innovation Centre, Muang Thai Life Insurance

Corvin Kum believes that the world is his oyster, and he’s not afraid of stepping out of his comfort zone to try new things.

As a Junior Business Analyst, Corvin assisted the Project Manager with market research, ideating new marketing opportunities, and tracking the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Corvin shared that this internship has been an incredible journey that has broadened his horizon beyond expectations. “I discovered a lot about myself and my abilities, as I had to take charge and be responsible for my own life while working alone abroad. It has transformed me into a critical thinker and a more creative person. I now enjoy solving problems by thinking outside the box”, the DIOM student said.

2023_Muhammad Azhari_DEEE

Muhammad Azhari Bin Mohamed Shahril

Diploma in Electrical Electronic Engineering (DEEE)
ST Engineering project with Singapore Port Authority

Azhari gives us a glimpse into his internship as a System Engineer at ST Engineering. He was tasked with installing and troubleshooting the hardware of engineering systems at Singapore Port Authority.

One memorable experience that stood out for Azhari was when he was tasked to set up the Disaster Recovery Centre, which gave him real-world experience in implementing projects. Through this internship, Azhari was able to sharpen his soft skills to become more confident and resilient.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take the initiative to step up so that you can be an effective contributor to complete tasks”, he said.

2023_Teo Kelly_DESM

Teo Kelly

Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management (DESM)
Land Transport Authority - Intelligent Transport System

Kelly gained valuable insights on how the Land Transport Authority (LTA) spearheads land transport developments in Singapore.

As part of the Intelligent Transport System team, which uses sensors, traffic systems and data analytics to maximise road network efficiency, Kelly was responsible for data cleaning and performing analysis to create visualisation dashboards. Through internship, she gained a hands-on understanding of digitalisation, and the role it plays in smart transportation systems.

“One of the most memorable moments was assisting with the Singapore Grand Prix and observing how LTA managed road traffic to ensure a smooth and safe event for everyone,” Kelly said. Kelly now feels a greater confidence in her future career path.

2023 Darren_DESM

Daren Sieng Tian Leng

Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management (DESM)
SMRT Trains

From classroom to rail depot, Daren experienced first-hand railway network maintenance for his internship at SMRT.

Daren was attached to the Permanent Way Department who looks after the maintenance and inspection of track. He was able to witness, observe and learn how a section of rails are renewed through thermite welding. Daren had shared that he gained exposure on onsite maintenance and saw the importance of the team’s work in keeping the city moving.

“Time management and planning are crucial as there is a wide area of rail network to service and maintain. I’m glad to be able to pick up excellent engineering skills during my internship at SMRT”, Daren said.



DAVM Ngui Kai Xuan (2021)

Ngui Kai Xuan

Diploma in Aviation Management (DAVM)
Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd

To intern as a Changi Youth Ambassador at the world’s most awarded airport was a dream come true for Kai Xuan. She experienced first-hand the operations at the airport and realised the tremendous efforts that go on behind-the-scenes and round-the-clock to deliver world class service to passengers and visitors to Changi Airport.

Kai Xuan’s internship with Changi Airport Group gave her the chance to gain real work experience through working with the Ground Operations team to ensure that terminal operations progress smoothly.

From facilitating passenger movement to answering passengers’ queries to assisting with Lost and Found items, from assisting Duty Terminal Managers with the day-to-day terminal operations and fault and incident management, every shift at the airport was different and exhilarating.

DAE Aaron Chang Zheng Jie (2021)

Aaron Chang Zheng Jie

Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (DAE)
Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd

Aaron performed Power BI tasks such as the coding, diagnosis of errors, rectification of errors and addition of new Power BI charts for the departments. He also completed closing of products in the Thales system and archival of E-Documentations for Thales’ warranty.

Aaron applied the skills and knowledge acquired during his diploma course to understand the reasons for these tasks, as well as how the Electronic Display Unit (EDU) and Power Supply of the aircraft operates.

During his internship, Aaron learnt to be more independent and driven to complete tasks on his own initiative. It led to the improvement of the department’s efficiency through his Power BI project, which was accepted, completed and implemented by the department.

He is grateful for this opportunity given to him by Thales and Republic Polytechnic. It was a fruitful learning experience.

DSCM Ang Qian Ya, Cherie (2021)

Ang Qian Ya, Cherie

Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM)
DSV Air & Sea Pte Ltd

Cherie found the experience of working in a corporate setting while learning about ocean freight forwarding to be enriching and beneficial. She was tasked with auto-rating using CargoWise Production (CW1) and Excel Functionalities. Challenging herself to learn these new hard skills allowed her to broaden her horizons. Furthermore, soft skills that had been honed, such as communication and teamwork, played a key role in her internship, allowing her to clear her doubts with her supervisors as well as colleagues ensuring seamless operations. These practical skills will be useful in the future, both at school and in the workplace.

Cherie has been extremely grateful for the knowledge she has gained during her internship and honoured to experience what it takes to work in the freight forwarding industry.

DSCM Yeo Zi Xuan (2021)

Yeo Zi Xuan

Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM)
ST Logistics

Zi Xuan was attached with ST Logistics, ST Healthcare Quality Management, for her internship. This internship has taught her valuable lessons and experiences.

Not only was she able to experience how the quality control process works in various areas and its importance, she was also involved in a project to set up a lab for mask testing with her supervisor.

She enjoyed her internship experience as she encountered various challenges to tackle or to continuously find ways to improve the operations process, through applying some of the skills and knowledge she acquired in RP.

It is worth mentioning that Zi Xuan continues working with ST Logistics after her internship.