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2016 Internship DAVM SATS Ng Xi Kai Maximilian

Ng Xi Kai Maximilian

Diploma in Aviation Management (DAVM)
Internship at SATS Ltd

Max was in his final year of the DAVM course when he embarked on an internship with the Flight Operations Department at SATS Ltd.

During his internship, he was tasked with evaluating meteorological information and determine potential hazards to help ensure the safety of flights. He also communicated with the pilot to convey this vital information and successfully complete his task.

With his internship at a renowned flight operations department, Max has gained a valuable insight into how the team contributes to the safe and efficient dispatch of flights around the world.

2016 Internship DSCM DHL

Ting Yong Kim

Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM)
Internship at DHL Healthcare Hub

During his internship in DHL Healthcare Hub, Ting Yong Kim, a third-year DSCM student, enjoyed rewarding experiences in operations that built on his learning at school.

Yong Kim had the opportunity to carry out essential industrial inspections in real-life warehouses including racking safety, ladder compliance and fire safety. He worked with teams across all the major logistics operations, from inbound deliveries and product picking to packing and outbound deliveries.

He particularly enjoyed the outbound operations as he learned how pharmaceutical products are packed in accordance with government health board regulations.


2015 Internship DAVM Jetstar Asia

Gabriel Ong Yao Zhun

Diploma in Aviation Management (DAVM)
Internship at Jetstar Asia

An internship with Jetstar Asia was a dream come true for DAVM graduate Gabriel Ong Yao Zhun who had long aspired to be a part of the airline’s cabin crew.

Having passed a medical check-up, Gabriel underwent a six-week training programme where he learned about aviation safety and security, aircraft operations, evacuation, communication skills, standard operating procedures, cabin management, and airline service procedures.

While safety is of paramount importance when looking after the cabin, Gabriel learnt that customer service, professionalism, multi-tasking, and connecting with people are equally important in his capacity as an airline cabin crew.

2015 Internship DSCM Sheng Siong

Feroz Khan Bin Ahmad Khan

Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM)
Internship at CMM Marketing, Sheng Siong Group

For Year 3 DSCM student Feroz Khan Bin Ahmad Khan, an internship at CMM Marketing, Sheng Siong Group turned out to be an enjoyable and challenging experience that taught him a lot about life in the e-commerce scene.

A typical day for Feroz began when he received the selection list of customers’ online orders. Having identified the items, he packed them into individual baskets before updating the information in the system and getting the orders ready for shipment.

As part of the e-commerce team who was responsible for fulfilling online orders, Feroz realised that the key challenge of being in the sector of e-commerce for perishables is maintaining product freshness.


2014 Internship DAVM SYFC

Goh Jie Shen Jason

Diploma in Aviation Management (DAVM)
Internship at Singapore Youth Flying Club

An internship with the Singapore Youth Flying Club turned out to be an enriching and fulfilling process for DAVM graduate, Goh Jie Shen Jason.

Having passed a medical check-up, Jason was put through the basics of flying, learning how to fly straight and level, as well as performing more complex manoeuvres such as the ‘step turn.’

The taste of success came as he passed his finals and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore exams to be awarded a license; as well as those coveted wings.

2014 Internship DIOM Rockwell Automation

Heng Jun Xiang

Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management (DIOM)
Internship at Rockwell Automation

DIOM graduate Heng Jun Xiang, benefitted greatly from a four-month internship at Rockwell Automation, a worldwide provider of industrial automation.

His challenge was to build a LEGO sorting machine that could filter differently coloured and shaped Lego bricks for the company’s new engineers.

Being involved from the planning, prototyping, and testing stages through to working on concepts improvement and cost calculation, he built his confidence and learned a great deal while meeting each project target.