Diploma in Restaurant & Culinary Operations (R46)


What You Will Learn

Embark on an adventure to discover the world of gastronomy and unleash your passion in the food and beverage (F&B) industry!

Get a taste of life behind the scenes of Singapore’s pulsating F&B industry with RP’s Diploma in Restaurant & Culinary Operations (DRCO). We’ll teach you how to develop skills to manage an F&B business, master restaurant and culinary operations and handle catering management. You will also cultivate an enterprising mindset to build a successful F&B career.

You will experience hands-on training in our three fully operational training restaurants and other well-equipped training facilities on campus. They provide the ideal learning environment for you to gain extensive training in restaurant, culinary and bar operations.

This diploma lets you…

  • Acquire business management and entrepreneurship skills to be an innovative and enterprising leader in food service management.
  • Build knowledge and skills related to food and beverage operations as well as catering sales and marketing.
  • Gain valuable real-world experiences through a 24-week Industry Immersion Programme with leading restaurant chains, institutional food services or catering companies.

The WorldSkills Kazan 2019 competition was tough as there were many different nations competing and many competitors were more experienced than me. However, the training I received from DRCO gave me confidence in my creativity, and with the support of my coaches, we did well. It was a special experience which not many people get. That, plus everything I’ve learnt in the DRCO, is bound to serve me well in the future.
[TESTIMONIAL-DESIGNATION]Diploma in Restaurant & Culinary Operations, 2019 Graduate[/TESTIMONIAL-DESIGNATION]

GCE O-level

Aggregate Type Range of Net ELR2B2 for 2020 JAE Minimum Entry Requirements/Grade
ELR2B2-B 14 to 26


a) English Language/1 - 6
b) Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)/1 - 6
c) Any three other subjects/1 - 6

To be eligible for admission, you must also have sat for one subject listed in the 2nd group of relevant subjects for the ELR2B2-B Aggregate Type on p.27.

Courses with remaining vacancies after JAE posting are indicated with an asterisk (*). In order to appeal to these courses with vacancies, students need only meet the course’s MERs. Do note that meeting the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee placement, as appeals posting is in order of merit, and subjected to available vacancies in the course.

Nitec/Higher Nitec

Minimum net GPA Relevant Qualifications
Nitec ≥ 3.5
  • NT58 Applied Food Science
  • NT89 Asian Culinary Arts
  • NT90 Food & Beverage Operations
  • NT91 Pastry & Baking
  • NT92 Western Culinary Arts
Higher Nitec ≥ 2.0
  • BS21 Pastry & Baking
  • BS22 Culinary Arts
  • BS23 Retail & Online Business
  • BS83 Hospitality Operations
  • BS84 Business Studies (Event Management)
  • BS90 Business Studies (Service Management)/Service Management
  • BS94 Retail Merchandising
  • BS98 Event Management
  • IT65 Leisure & Travel Operations

GCE A-Level

Minimum Entry Requirements
  • Obtain an A-S grade for General Paper (English Medium),
  • Obtain an A-E grade for 2 other H2 subjects, AND
  • Must have taken GCE 'A' Level examinations whilst studying in a Junior College / Millennia Institute in Singapore
  • Please click here to view a list of module exemptions


For more details on admission using Singapore Cambridge GCE A-levels qualifications, please refer to our webpage at www.rp.edu.sg.


Admission to RP is based on academic merit and subjected to available vacancies of our diploma programmes. Meeting the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee that applicants will be offered a placement in the diploma programme. These requirements are set in place to ensure fairness to all applicants.

Career Opportunities

As a DRCO graduate, you can pursue a variety of interesting roles within the F&B sector, working anywhere from critically acclaimed restaurants to international food chains. You will be able to join the ranks of talented restaurateurs and culinary experts such as:
  • Catering Sales Executive/Manager
  • F&B Operations Executive/Manager
  • F&B Cost Controller
  • F&B Sales and Distribution Executive/Manager
  • Institutional Food Services Management 
  • Restaurant & Bar Manager

Further Studies

RP graduates are well-placed to embark on meaningful careers, immediately after graduation. They could even improve their employability by taking part-time courses or SkillsFuture Work-Study Programmes (WSP).

What’s more, every RP diploma is recognised and has a pathway leading to a relevant degree with top local and overseas universities. RP graduates may complete their degrees in just over two or three years in a four-year programme.

Skills Deepening

Upon graduation, DRCO students can choose to deepen their skills and knowledge in a chosen field before embarking on their career. They could either sign up for part-time courses or pursue WSP. Please visit our lifelong learning page to find out more.

Undergraduate Studies

DRCO graduates can choose to pursue a degree in business and hospitality management related programmes at local universities. Top universities overseas also welcome our graduates with advance standing of up to one year, they include:

Last updated on 22 May 2020