About Us

Welcome to the School of Hospitality (SOH) at Republic Polytechnic!  

We are the only dedicated hospitality school among Singapore’s five polytechnics. We offer a full suite of full-time and part-time courses that span all sectors of the industry, including events management, restaurant and culinary operations, wellness, hotel management and customer experience. 

We are renowned for producing well-rounded professionals who are ready to jump straight into a career in the challenging yet rewarding hospitality sector – thanks to our award-winning curriculum, unique pedagogy, and emphasis on self-discovery and good values.  

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Our industry-focused curricula

Equip yourself with the necessary skills and know-how required of the fast-paced, dynamic hospitality industry with our carefully crafted curricula designed in close collaboration with key stakeholders and partners. We have a team of dedicated teaching staff made up of trade professionals with an average of over 15 years of industry experience and a wealth of hospitality-related knowledge and insight, to guide you through your journey in RP.
You can also further enhance your academic credentials and boost your employment prospects with any of our accredited diploma modules.

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Our hands-on learning approach  

At RP, we don’t aim to just produce graduates. We strive to nurture professionals who can confidently tackle real-world challenges after graduation.

As a SOH student, you won’t just learn about concepts and facts. Through our experiential Problem-based Learning (PBL) approach, you will develop your critical thinking, innovation and problem-solving skills – all highly sought after by employers – by working on problems modelled on real-world challenges faced by the hospitality industry.

We also believe in learning by doing. Each of our diploma courses contains a practical element, providing you with a plethora of hands-on experiences and real-life learning experiences.

That is why SOH’s purpose-built learning facilities simulate real-world hospitality workplaces to complement your learning beyond the classroom. Our state-of-the-art facilities – which include several training kitchens, restaurants and wellness centres – allow you to experience and overcome the various challenges you might encounter in a genuine working environment, preparing you for your future career.

You will also have the opportunity to take part in industry internships and educational overseas trips, and gain valuable on-the-job experience.

By the time you graduate from SOH, you will be well-prepared for a bright future in the hospitality sector ahead!

Our holistic approach to character-building

Being a part of SOH is not just about excelling academically. We also celebrate and nurture individuality and believe that characters are moulded.

Pursue your interests with close to 100 co-curricular activities (CCAs) to choose from, including several diploma-related CCAs to discover and hone your skills and talents in hospitality.

In addition to all of these is our Service-Learning programme which will allow you the chance to be actively engaged in community service to the less privileged, both in Singapore and overseas.


Sounds daunting? Don’t worry! All full-time RP students are assigned a staff mentor for the full duration of their studies, to help and guide you with any issues you might face in school or at home.

So whether you are thinking of embarking on a career in hospitality or wanting to upgrade your qualifications, SOH will help you achieve your career goals – and more.

Find out more about our courses today and we hope to welcome you to SOH!