Full-time Courses

Full-time Courses

Ready to suit up for a career in the evolving hospitality sector? As the only dedicated hospitality school amongst Singapore’s five polytechnics, the School of Hospitality will equip you with industry-relevant expertise to deliver exceptional hospitality services. 

We offer four hospitality diploma programmes and common business programme that span the breadth of the hospitality sector:


Events & Project Management

Equips you with a comprehensive skill set to meet the growing demand for versatile event professionals in Singapore’s thriving live entertainment and business events industry. You will learn how to manage concerts, sporting events, and Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) while also gaining  digital skills to stay in line with industry trends. This diploma goes beyond the mechanics of event planning by integrating project management concepts, which are essential as the event industry move towards large-scale events.


Hospitality & Tourism Management

Readies you with a better understanding of the industry in the new tourism norm, covering key areas such as marketing, sustainable tourism, and customer analytics. With options to specialise in one of three majors: Customer Experience and Innovation, Sales and Revenue Management and Sustainable Tourism. The diploma will pave the way for a hospitality career in Singapore's top-notch hospitality industry, supported by government investment in tourism infrastructure to maintain its premier status in Asia.


Hotel & Leisure Management

Prepares you for an international journey into the vibrant and interconnected realm of accommodations and leisure management. The curriculum covers sustainability, technology and business analytics, providing students with valuable insights into managing operations and optimising revenue within the accommodation and hospitality leisure sectors. The emerging travel trend known as "Bleisure" (Business + Leisure) travel has led to more integrated experiences that combine work and leisure, offering a more holistic approach to travel.


Restaurant & Culinary Management

Infuses you with a business and entrepreneurial mindset, with essential F&B operational skills, concentrating on restaurant service, culinary, business, entrepreneurship, and technological skills. You will learn management skills, and problem-solving skills and leverage technology to lead food and beverage businesses successfully. Graduates will also develop good communication and analytical skills with lifelong learning attitudes.


Common Business Programme

Interested in business or hospitality but not sure which course to choose? The Common Business Programme (CBP) is specially designed to help you gain a better understanding of various business and hospitality disciplines before making an informed decision about which diplomas from the School of Hospitality (SOH) or School of Management and Communication (SMC) best suits your interest and passion.