Learning Facilities 

Our training facilities are designed to simulate real-world hospitality workplaces to complement our students’ learning beyond the classroom – and to prepare them for the various challenges that they may encounter in a genuine working environment. 

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Customer Experience Labs

Our Customer Experience Labs consists of the Retail Unlimited lab, Customer Relationship Management Lab (CRM) and Contact Centre Learning Lab, which are equipped with industry-standard technology and designed for students to engage clientele in a positive, professional manner. The labs facilitate activities such as role-playing, cognitive apprenticeship, interactive lectures, and group discussions for the delivery of modules such as Customer Relationship Management, Retail Management, Customer Analytics, Customer Experience in Banking & Finance, Contact Centre Operations, Innovation and Design for Service Operations.

9th Avenue

Culinary and Beverage Labs

We also boast several carefully constructed Culinary and Beverage Labs, like our Culinary Demonstration Kitchens and the Wine Lab, which use top-of-the-line institutional kitchen appliances to develop our students’ culinary skills and prepare them for the fast pace of commercial kitchens and restaurants. We also have three training restaurants – Oliva, waters edge and 9th ave. – on campus, which help students to hone their restaurant service management skills.

Hotel Experiential Labs

The Hotel Experiential Labs simulate actual operational hotel facilities, enabling students to receive an authentic learning experience through hands-on training and acquiring essential skills to prepare them for the future of work. Through the school’s collaboration with industry partners to test various technological capabilities, such as robotic deliveries and voice-activated capabilities which are linked to the property management system, students will be exposed to how these solutions work seamlessly to enhance productivity and transform the guest experience within the hotel and the hospitality sector. 

SIT Lobby
Exhibition Training

Event Training Labs

The Event Training Lab is a 280 sqm space at the third level of the Republic Polytechnic Industry Centre (RPIC) which is used as a dedicated facility for teaching Diploma in Integrated Events Management students specific skills in managing the operations of a special event. Lessons include venue assessment / management, spatial planning, booth setup / teardown, ingress/egress and programme management.

Wellness Labs

The Wellness Labs are not just designed to contemporary five-star resort standards. They are also fitted with the latest technology to ensure that students are equipped with the necessary skills and know-how to jump straight into a career in the health and wellness industry immediately after graduation.

Spa Technical Lab