Learning Facilities

Learning Facilities 

Our training facilities are designed to simulate real-world hospitality workplaces to complement our students’ learning beyond the classroom – and to prepare them for the various challenges that they may encounter in a genuine working environment. 

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Customer Experience Labs

The Retail Unlimited and Customer Experience labs allow students to put into practice what they have learnt. The realistic environment and state-of-the-art technology such as contactless shopping experience and behavioural analytics used in these labs provide students with hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn about customer analytics and profiling. The Contact Centre Learning lab provides a space for students to practice and develop their skills in gathering, collating, and developing insights from customer feedback. The flexible workstations allow a variety of learning methods, including call, email, and chat simulations. Students also have practical exercises, interactive lectures, and group discussions to enhance their learning experience.

9th Avenue

Restaurant and Culinary Labs

The Restaurant and Culinary labs are designed to provide students with practical hands-on experience in the restaurant, culinary and bar operations. The Culinary Demo Lab is for students to watch artisan culinary demonstrations and learn about different culinary techniques, while the Wine Lab offers a space to learn about wine pairing and other aspects of wine knowledge. The three Training Kitchens and Restaurants (9th ave., Oliva, and waters edge) are fully equipped with top-of-the-line institutional kitchen appliances to replicate real-world kitchen and restaurant environments for students to practice their food and beverage business management skills, learn to curate gastronomic experiences and develop entrepreneurship skills.

Hotel Experiential Labs

The Hotel Experiential Lab simulates operational hotel facilities on the campus, enabling students to receive an authentic learning experience through hands-on training and acquiring essential skills to prepare them for the future of work.  In collaboration with industry partners pilot-testing various technological capabilities, such as robotic deliveries and voice-activated capabilities which are linked to the property management system, students are exposed to how these solutions can enhance productivity and impact the guest experience.

SIT Lobby
Exhibition Training

Exhibition and Event Labs

The Exhibition and Event Training Labs are for students to learn about event planning and management. The range of skills covered in the lessons, such as technical design, venue management, and spatial planning, provides a comprehensive understanding of the event’s staging technology, such as sound, lighting, and AV, which creates and delivers the best audience experience. The hands-on experience of setting up and tearing down events, as well as managing ingress and egress, can help students develop the practical skills they need to succeed in this field. 

Health and Wellness Labs

The Health and Wellness Labs are designed to contemporary five-star resort standards. The exclusive wellness training labs provide a conducive environment to develop knowledge and wellness therapy and practice skills as well as wellness operations in a realistic, simulated environment.

Spa Technical Lab