Consultancy Services 

As a one-stop centre for workplace learning and performance, NACE@RP draws on expertise within the schools and centres to adapt and implement Best-in-Class Workplace Learning Framework for SG Enterprises. Adapted from Germany, the framework incorporates six components to drive, sustain, and strengthen organisational competencies to enable companies build up workplace learning practices and capabilities. 


Developing OJT Blueprint

The OJT (On-the-job-training) Blueprint is a documentation process which provides a structured way in designing and developing learning at your workplace, thus allowing your enterprise to manage, plan, and measure the successful roll-out of training programmes within your company.


Analysing Training Needs 

As your enterprise harnesses the use of technology and digitalisation, there is an urgent need to level-up staff capabilities to effectively deploy these technologies. A training needs analysis will enable you to gain insights into the competencies and skills gaps that are crucial in enabling your staff to excel on the job. 


Coaching and Mentoring 

Intentional learning through coaching and mentoring provides managers and leaders within the organisation an opportunity for continuous improvement amongst team members and across departments.  By developing and implementing a structured framework for coaching and mentoring, you will be able to establish a shared understanding of effective mentoring practice and enhance the quality of mentoring of the leaders, provide a supportive and nurturing environment at the workplace, helping mentors as well as mentees develop Workplace Learning and assessment strategies.