Message from SOI Graduate, Tan Jun Liang from Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media

Congratulations to fellow graduates from Class of 2020! I am happy and proud to have graduated with all of you because we made it through three years of polytechnic journey with hard work and sheer determination. Although we did not have the opportunity to attend our graduation ceremony, the memories that we have made with our closest friends and lecturers will remain in our hearts and that is something that will never change.

Jun Liang and friends 

The RP Journey

From the young and passionate students we were in Year 1, we graduate from RP as a bunch of accomplished soldiers who had marched the long distance from Woodlands MRT to E6 every day, and yet still managed to grow horizontally in these three years. Life in RP was indeed full of enjoyment and laughter as we go about our daily learning and activities.

A Word of Thanks

On behalf of all graduates, I would like to show our appreciation to our families for the love and care they have given to us. They have always been by our side to support us. To all my closest friends, thank you for being in my life and constantly hearing my rants, supporting me and being by my side during my toughest times.
To all the wonderful people I met during my journey in SOI Club, I am honoured to able to work with all of you, because you guys have taught me a lot, allowing me to push myself further and grow as a person. 

Last but not least, I would like to thank our SOI Director, Ms Wong Wai Ling; my Programme Chair (now Assistant Director), Mr Zek Hazley; our SOI Club Advisor, Ms Lorivic Fragata; and the lecturers who believed in me and gave me many opportunities to learn beyond what I could have gained from classroom lessons. With their guidance, I have gained leadership skills and broaden my views. These experiences will be remembered for a lifetime.

Tan Jun Liang

Tan Jun Liang,
Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media,
School of Infocomm

SOI Bottom

Jun Liang representing RP at Pre-University Seminar 2018

As we graduate, our days in RP will now become the most cherished memories that we will hold in our hearts forever. The future ahead might seem unclear, however as RP students who have found solutions to resolve many daily problems as part of our learning curriculum, I believe that we will be able to overcome any challenge. Keep working hard to achieve success!

To the Class of 2020: Happy Graduation!