Message from Leong Kai Xiang,
Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management

It has been a life transforming journey at RP as the Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management (DIOM) has fuelled my passion to develop and implement solutions for corporations.

Initially, making daily presentations and writing reflection journals was a challenge for me. However, with a positive mindset and perseverance to adapt, I learnt to appreciate the importance of these tasks that has helped reaffirm my learning.

RP’s Problem-based Learning pedagogy has shaped me into an individual who can think critically, equipping me with a strong pivotal edge for my future career. It gave me the ability to solve actual problems faced by industry during my internship with PSA Corporation Limited. While at PSA, I was involved in various projects from enhancing data visualisation for yard inventory, automating various processes to handling reports on yard inventory and manpower monitoring. RP has prepared me to contribute effectively and resourcefully in these projects.

We have reached a significant milestone of our journey in RP. The knowledge, skillsets and experiences acquired will serve us well in our future endeavours. 

I want to express my deepest gratitude to my Programme Chair Mr Jason Toh, Assistant Programme Chair Mrs Ling Siew Hui, Year Cohort Leader Mr Hoo Chee Wai and my dearest DIOM lecturers, Dr Teng Suyan, Mr Ong Lee Weng, Mr Goh Sian Meng, Mr Yong Fui Long, Mrs Diana Tang, Mr Nugroho Kristianto, and Mrs Lindy Wan. Their passion and enthusiasm have motivated and ignited the passion in every DIOM student.

Leong Kai Xiang_Grad Rep

Leong Kai Xiang
Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management,
School of Engineering

Leong Kai Xiang at SEG Award Ceremony 2019

Kai Xiang at School of Engineering Award Ceremony 2019, with DIOM’s Programme Chair, Assistant Programme Chair, Year Cohort Leader, Lecturers, and course mates.

Photo taken before COVID-19

Thank you, my DIOM course mates for the wonderful moments and beautiful memories we have shared. These will last a lifetime. 

To my dearest parents and siblings, thank you for giving me your fullest support. This has empowered me to bravely pursue my dreams and goals.

While graduating amidst the COVID-19 pandemic may pose a huge challenge to us, I know that RP has prepared us well to meet and overcome potential adversities. The hurdles in life will make us stronger and better prepare us to face future challenges. 

Always treasure the values RP has imparted to us and be ready to contribute when needed. To quote Sir Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Indeed, to give back as alumni is the greatest act of continuing RP’s legacy.

To my mates in RP, this is not goodbye. We shall gather again in the next chapter of our lives. 

Message from Ho Kian Teck,
Diploma in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)

The first step towards something new is often the hardest. However, it is also the most rewarding when you master a new skill. Since the start of our nation’s SkillsFuture initiative, I have been motivated to move out of my comfort zone to acquire new skillset and knowledge. 

It was a difficult decision but I have definitely made the right choice to join RP’s Part-Time Diploma in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics).

I strongly believe that lifelong learning is the best way to exercise the mind, self-reflect and stay young. By seizing every opportunity to expand our knowledge and by upskilling ourselves, we will be ready to face technology disruptions and other challenges. Steve Jobs shared wisely: “Learn continually – there's always "one more thing" to learn!” Award-winning author Brian Herbert penned the following about learning, “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice”. 

I am blessed and grateful to have met many knowledgeable and helpful lecturers such as Mr Rajendran, Mr Vincent Tey, Mr Tony Tan, and Mr Kelvin Loo. They have always been generous with their time, helping and enlightening us, which is very valuable to part-time students. 

I am proud to graduate from RP with a wealth of knowledge. I am future-ready!



Ho Kian Teck

Ho Kian Teck
Diploma in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics),
School of Engineering