Message from SEG Graduate, So Zhi Hui, Aileen from Diploma in Supply Chain Management

The years in Republic Polytechnic have been very memorable for me. I remember my first day as a polytechnic freshman and seeing many unfamiliar faces. I was worried I would not do well and was wary of people’s perceptions of me. Three years later, the team members I befriended on my first day of school are now my best friends.

SEG Top 

The RP Journey

Throughout my RP journey, I have observed how every SEG graduate has been empowered with Confidence, Adaptability and Perseverance

Confidence is the springboard to success. Believe in yourself and in your ability. Through working in teams, we brainstormed solutions to problems, learnt to build confidence in ourselves and strengthened the trust in our abilities.

Adaptability enables us to cope with change successfully. Every student spent a semester as an intern and had the opportunity to experience the work environment first-hand while acquiring industry experience. I interned at McKinsey & Company where I worked with a team to find solutions, which is what RP trained us for. Adaptability was important as I adapted to working amongst colleagues with different working styles to achieve a common goal.
Perseverance is the will to see things through despite fear, obstacles and discouragement. An example was my Final Year Project where the team had to design and develop a prototype. Initial prototypes failed but we never gave up. Eventually, with our lecturer’s guidance, we succeeded in developing a working prototype.

A Word of Thanks

Thank you RP and SEG for moulding me into who I am today. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to:

Mr Wee Lian Chian (my Programme Chair) – thank you for helping us to understand the purpose of a Problem Definition Template. Today as RP graduates, we all know how to take the all important first step in learning.
Mr Ong Hock Seng (my Year Leader), Mr Nicholas Chiang (my Mentor), and Ms Talisa Tan – thank you for giving me the opportunities to participate in forums and leadership programmes. 

Mr Chong Chin Ming – thank you for honing my leadership skills through the Engineering Leadership Programme. 

Dr Yu Mingyen and Mr Raymond Yeo – thank you for your invaluable guidance and advice during a competition. Though we did not win, the experience was an invaluable learning journey. 

Mom and Dad – thank you for being supportive and for always being there for me with your unconditional love and care.

SEG Solo

So Zhu Hui, Aileen,
Diploma in Supply Chain Management,
School of Engineering

Aileen and friends

Aileen with her fellow DSCM Cohesion Committee members trying out a dragon boat activity for a diploma-bonding event

I would like to share a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that means a lot to me: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” 

Congratulations to all graduates and all the best!