Message from SAS Graduate, Sean Kee Yi He from Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture 

The deeply anticipated moment is finally upon us! The seemingly arduous journey is now over, and our hard work has finally paid off. As we embrace the bitter sweetness of completing our diploma, let us stand strong. For we are now proud graduates of Republic Polytechnic!


The RP Journey

My journey from freshman year to senior year at RP has been edifying. My interest in marine animals has transformed into a fiery passion through the Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture (DMAC). I have been blessed with knowledge, opportunities and networks. The learnings which I have gained have helped shaped my career and future in the marine science and aquaculture industries.
Our days at RP may be over, but I truly believe every student will leave with a piece of RP that’s close to his or her heart. I think what truly makes RP students distinctive is the shared experience of being educated through the Problem-based Learning pedagogy. As much as it made the journey ‘arduous’, this unique pedagogy has moulded us into disciplined individuals who could think critically and speak confidently.

A Word of Thanks

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my Programme Chair, Dr Steven Fong, my Assistant Programme Chair, Ms Junainah Badron, and my dear DMAC lecturers, especially Dr Jasmin Lim, Mr Ng Yi Long, Dr Grace Loo, Dr Shubha Vij, Dr Paul Chen, and Ms Marie Tan. Their hard work and kindness have lit the flames of passion in all DMAC students.
Thank you, my fellow batch of DMAC graduates. We were a pint-sized course of 50 students, but we were a tight bunch. We have created many fond, funny and silly memories that I will revisit for years to come. 

To my dearest parents, thank you for instilling the importance of education in me. Grandpa, thank you for believing in me. With your encouragement, I’ve been able to confidently pursue my dreams and goals. I am very grateful to my family for being my pillar of strength.


Sean Kee Yi He

Sean Kee Yi He,
Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture,
School of Applied Science

Sean and friends at SAS School Awards Ceremony

Sean with his friends at the annual SAS School Awards Ceremony which recognises outstanding student achievements

I would also like to acknowledge my fellow Class of 2020 graduates, their parents, their families, RP staff and everyone else who have been a part of RP’s wonderful culture.

Republic Polytechnic - Thank you for the truly gratifying experience!