Message from Christopher Bong Jue Shi,
Diploma in Biotechnology

As we graduate from Republic Polytechnic (RP), I look back and see the meaningful memories we’ve made and the lessons we’ve learnt. Our journey has been a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs, but we have finally approached the significant milestone of graduation. As we reminisce the memorable moments of our journey, we can revel and be proud of our accomplishments as graduates of RP!

Through the Diploma in Biotechnology (DBIO), I had the opportunity to learn relevant skills bring me closer to achieving my career aspirations in Biotechnology. In RP, we were exposed to various learning modes such as Problem-based Learning, Interactive Seminar, Cognitive Apprenticeship, and practical examinations. The unique learning experience has nurtured us into self-directed learners who think critically and are equipped with industry-relevant skills. 

Apart from academic growth, RP emphasised our holistic development through student development activities, which I had greatly benefitted from. Through the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) programme, I developed leadership skills and became a more compassionate individual through service-learning events. I eventually achieve the NYAA Gold award. Even as we move on to pursue our separate endeavours, I am certain that every RP student will remember the knowledge, memorable experiences, and friendship forged during our three years in RP even as we embark to the next phase of our life journeys.  

Christopher Bong Jue Shi

Christopher Bong Jue Shi
Diploma in Biotechnology,
School of Applied Science

Christopher with Eureka IG

Christopher with Eureka IG during RP Open Hourse 2020 at the DBIO booth. 

Photo taken before COVID-19

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to my Programme Chair, Dr Serene Choo and Mr Foo Toon Tien, as well as my Assistant Programme Chair, Dr Nicole Liu. Additionally, I would like to sincerely thank my dear lecturers, especially Dr Ventris D’souza, Dr Sun Guang Wen, Dr Gan Eng Seng, Dr Gu Keyu and Dr Sharon Lim. Your compassion and dedication have been a catalyst for the growth and passion of many students, including me. 

Thank you, my fellow DBIO graduates. We’ve made many memories in our RP journey, and I will fondly remember all the laughter and joy when looking back.

I would like to specially thank my parents for being supportive in everything that I do. They have instilled with me a sense of discipline that is reflected through my work ethic. I am forever grateful for their everlasting support.

I would also like to acknowledge my fellow Class of 2021 graduates, their parents, their families, the staff of RP as well as everyone who has been a part of RP’s vibrant and amazing culture.

Once again, thank you, Republic Polytechnic, for the wonderful three years.

Message from Yong Yen Ling,
Diploma in Applied Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Embarking on part-time diploma studies is certainly a challenge that not many people of my age with an established career will take on. It has truly been a great learning experience and achievement. This journey has brought about many memorable moments, my days spent juggling work, duties as a mom/ wife/ daughter/ daughter-in-law, as well as having to meet deadlines for course assignments and examinations, have now come to an end. I am proud to have graduated with the joys of having awesome classmates and being taught by wonderful RP lecturers.

The decision to embark part-time studies had completely changed my comfortable lifestyle. I had to muster the courage, along with the support and encouragement from my family, to go back to school and to overcome challenges. Being an older adult learner, age plays an ‘impossible’ part in learning. While coping with assignments and taking examinations, I realise that as we age, it takes longer to learn and memorise things. Despite these challenges, I am grateful to have completed my course. This is made possible with personal perseverance, determination as well as having received support from my lecturers and classmates. 

As such, I would like to thank my RP lecturers, who had patiently and tirelessly taught and guided me. My thanks and appreciation to Mr Richard Yeo, Ms Yvonne Cheng, Mr Adreus Tan, Mr Mohd Sham, Dr Susmita Ban, Dr Chiradip Chatterjee, Ms Josefina Seow, Ms Lena Lee, Ms Lee Heng Wuan, Dr Liew Yoon Fei, Ms Loh Sow Wai, and Dr Nikhil Sachdeva. Special thanks to Jessica and Foong Peng, as well as all classmates who have helped me throughout my learning journey in RP.

Yong Yen Ling

Yong Yen Ling
Diploma in Applied Science
(Pharmaceutical Sciences)
School of Applied Science

Yong Yen Ling with course mates

Yen Ling with her course mates back at Republic Polytechnic for a laboratory practical session on Analytical Instrumentation

I have been asked why I took up a Diploma in Applied Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences) when I am not working in the healthcare sector. The reason is the word ‘Pharmaceutical’. I wanted to gain knowledge and learn more about medicinal drugs. With a better understanding of pharmaceutical sciences, I gained knowledge that would benefit myself, my growing child, ageing parents and husband. It would also prepare me for future opportunities, should I decide on a career change. 

I would like to encourage my fellow classmates who have completed this Diploma to continue their learning journeys, be it for career development or personal progression and passion. Whilst having the Government’s support, we should seize the opportunity to upgrade ourselves. Dare to dream and fly!