There are a total of 4658 Pre-employment Training (PET) and Continuing Education and Training (CET) graduates for Class of 2020. On top of this, Diploma Plus Certificates were awarded as well. 

Click on the respective links below to view the number of graduates from each Diploma Programme or the Diploma Plus Certificates awarded.

School of Applied Science

Diplomas Awarded Number of Graduates
Diploma in Biomedical Sciences 144
Diploma in Biotechnology 111
Diploma in Environmental Science  86
Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture 55
Diploma in Materials Science 94
Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences 194
Diploma in Applied Science (Nutrition and Food Science) 31
Diploma in Applied Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences) 26
Specialist Diploma in Advanced Composites 9
Specialist Diploma in Biomedical Technology 8

School of Engineering

Diplomas Awarded  Number of Graduates  
Diploma in Aerospace Avionics 86
Diploma in Aerospace Engineering 98
Diploma in Aviation Management 110
Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 167
Diploma in Engineering Design with Business 70
Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management 74
Diploma in Green Building Energy Management 56
Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management 107
Diploma in Supply Chain Management 94
Diploma in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) 11
Diploma in Engineering (Operations and Engineering Management) 28
Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management 69

School of Sports, Health and Leisure

Diplomas Awarded  Number of Graduates  
Diploma in Health Management and Promotion 100
Diploma in Health Services Management 119
Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning 52
Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences 102
Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management 93
Diploma in Sports Coaching 51
Diploma in Sports (Coaching) 22
Diploma in Sports Wellness and Services 21
Specialist Diploma in Healthy Ageing and Community Care for Seniors 22
Specialist Diploma in Integrated Care Management 17
Specialist Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science 15

School of Management and Communication

Diplomas Awarded  Number of Graduates  
Diploma in Consumer Behaviour and Research 67
Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology 80
Diploma in Mass Communication 97
Diploma in Social Enterprise Management 49
Diploma in Business Practice (Human Resource Management) 5
Diploma in Business Practice (International Human Resources Management) 40
Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling 67
Specialist Diploma in Communication Strategies for Social Media 4
Specialist Diploma in Digital Business 28

School of Hospitality

Diplomas Awarded  Number of Graduates  
Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business 165
Diploma in Customer Relationship and Service Management 1
Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management 158
Diploma in Integrated Events Management 205
Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations 66
Diploma in Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa Management 51
Diploma in Business Practice (Hospitality Management) 64
Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Business Management 36

School of Infocomm

Diplomas Awarded  Number of Graduates  
Diploma in Business Applications 128
Diploma in Business Information Systems 109
Diploma in Infocomm Security Management 74
Diploma in Information Technology 137
Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media 81
Diploma in Mobile Software Development 47
Diploma in Infocomm and Digital Media (Information Systems) 5
Specialist Diploma in Applied Artificial Intelligence 18
Specialist Diploma in Business Analytics 22
Specialist Diploma in Cloud Architecting and Management 24
Specialist Diploma in Internet of Things 7
Specialist Diploma in Mobile Applications 4

School of Technology for the Arts

Diplomas Awarded  Number of Graduates  
Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management 77
Diploma in Design for User Experience 90
Diploma in Game Design 52
Diploma in Media Production and Design 143
Diploma in Sonic Arts 74
Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Creation for Business 8

Centre for Educational Development

Diploma Awarded  Number of Graduates  
Specialist Diploma in Applied Learning and Teaching 33

Diploma Plus Certificates

Diploma Plus Certificates Awarded  Number of Graduates  
Certificate in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship 31
Certificate in International Business 45
Certificate in Mathematics 24