Message from SHL Graduate, Lin Qisheng Terence from Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences

It’s my honour to write to the leaders, coaches, trainers of the future; those who went through three years in the School of Sports, Health and Leisure (SHL) with me. Many of you whom I call my friends.

Terence and friends 

The RP Journey

Growing up, I was mostly exposed to teacher-directed learning where information was transferred one-way from teacher to student. Therefore, I was dependent on teachers to learn. RP broke that mould and imparted skills to make me a self-directed learner.

RP has become more than just an institution to me. This is where I met friends from all walks of life, and where I developed critical-thinking and decision-making skills. 

RP has provided me with many opportunities to develop myself. As a freshman, I volunteered for local service-learning projects to give back to the community and gain exposure. I applied for the Student Overseas Trips organised by SHL to experience the development of sports science globally. I went to Tokyo and Korea and saw how these developed nations used sports science at their world-class facilities.

I began to challenge myself in my second year by taking on roles which took me out of my comfort zone. I was involved in the freshman camp, and volunteered as emcee during the Joint Youth Sports Science Symposium. I led my classmates and students from other Schools in Project Chulia Street and celebrated National Day with over 4,000 migrant ‘brothers’ from India, Bangladesh and China. These small steps built my confidence as an individual.

I was given the opportunity to complete my internship at Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital in Myanmar. Despite language barriers, RP has equipped us with the right skills and prepared us with modules such as effective communication, which allowed me to bridge ideas internationally. 

These three years have not always been easy. There were times when I felt overwhelmed and doubted my own abilities. I learnt to share my troubles with my friends around me. When I found myself lacking, my seniors and mentors were there to guide me. I have learnt from my faith that “one may be overpowered, two can resist, but a cord of three strands is not easily broken.” This strong bond that I forged with the RP community is one that I will not forget.

Lin Qisheng Terence

Lin Qisheng Terence,
Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences,
School of Health, Sports and Leisure

Terence and Friends

Terence with his course mates looking spiffy in lab coat after their first Biochemistry laboratory lesson

Amongst us are future coaches, leaders, trainers – we shall act as role models for others to follow. As we prepare to launch into a world with no more Reflection Journals, let’s first set aside whatever hopes and fears we have for the future and let’s first look back and do one significant reflection. I have learnt but I am still making mistakes. And thus I am still learning. Class of 2020, our time has come. Let’s make history!