Message from SMC Graduate, Darius Boey Jun from Diploma in Mass Communication

Fellow graduates… What a ride it has been for us! It seemed like yesterday when we were still figuring out our classes and learning to ‘survive’ in RP. In the blink of an eye, we’ve arrived at the final stop of our polytechnic journey - Graduation.

Darius and friends 

The RP Journey

We began our journey with Problem-based Learning, where we conducted our presentations in class and we had to submit our Reflection Journals by 2359hr. Over time, we became familiar with what’s required of us and we got better at handling these tasks. 

Our experience in The Media Lab had been a fruitful one. This is where I had taken on roles such as Sports Writer and Editor for The Republican Post - a publication for RP students managed by us, students from the Diploma in Mass Communication. 

We had an enriching journey in RP, from embarking on internships where we honed vital industry skills to being given opportunities to participate in various exciting projects. If there is anything I’d take away from this journey, it would be at my year 2 of study when I took part in the NUS Marketing Pitch competition. My team mates and I were quite overwhelmed as there were many other teams in this competition. Our lecturer who was also our team supervisor, Ms Fiona Siew then said to us, “The main thing is to have fun while doing what you’re doing.” 

Her advice stuck with me ever since and I began to see the importance of having fun while working hard. Subsequently, I started enjoying the things I do – be it writing articles, editing videos or covering news stories – as I was having fun. I was willing to sacrifice sleep because of the enjoyment I derived from the work I did. I’m grateful to have benefitted from her valuable words.

A Word of Thanks

I’d like to extend my appreciation to my family for their support. Especially my mom, who would always print out the ChannelNewsAsia articles I wrote.

Next, I’d like to thank my lecturers for being great advisors and for giving me many opportunities. They’ve shaped me into a better student and ensured a fun learning journey. A shout out to Mr Leong Wee Keat as well, for getting me a prestigious internship placement with one of the top local news outlets.

I’d also like to thank my girlfriend Cindy, who is a strong pillar of support in my life. She always encourages me to look past my mistakes. And for that, I’m thankful as I wouldn’t have come this far without her.


Darius Boey Jun,
Diploma in Mass Communication,
School of Management and Communication

Darius and girlfriend

Darius with his girlfriend, Cindy who is his pillar of encouragement and support

To all SMC graduates - I encourage you to put away your fears. We’ve overcome many tough challenges and more would come our way. Nonetheless, I’m confident that we’ll surely emerge stronger as we embark on our respective journeys after graduation.

I wish you all the best for the next chapter of your lives.