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Celebrating our STA Graduates!

Our heartiest congratulations to the class of 2020! Click on the diploma programmes below to view the list of graduates.

Message from STA Graduate, Ong Shi Han from Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management

We created lots of precious memories since we first stepped into RP and now three years have flown by, it is time to say goodbye. THIS is the moment that we have been working towards - graduation!

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The RP Journey

I remember being a freshman at the Orientation Camp, settling into our Year 1 classes and getting familiar with the nooks and crannies of the campus so that we would not get lost. In Year 2, we got a better hang of things and found out which canteen sells better food. On to senior life in Year 3, where we discovered the shortcuts across campus and became comfortable enough to joke with our lecturers. I am sure you may also recall the times you had to run from RP’s entrance to your classrooms, so you won’t be marked “Late” or “Late & Partial”! Fortunately for us, E2 is one of the nearest blocks from the entrance!

A Word of Thanks

I would like to convey my appreciations to my Programme Chair and mentor, Ms Azizah Zakaria; Assistant Programme Chair, Ms Samantha Bounaparte; and all my lecturers for broadening my horizon. 

I also want to thank my IG advisors, Mr Daniel Lim and Mr Jeff Hung; and my FYP supervisor, Mr Joshua Yang, for their dedication. I am equally grateful to Mr Iskander Abori, Mr Toh Mingquan, and Mr Jasper Ng, for imparting key technical skills that I need for my journey.  

To my dear family - your unconditional love and support gave me the strength to face challenges head-on. I will not be where I am today without you. 

Last but not the least, my friends, thank you for being my support pillars, outlets for my rants and sources of joy. I would not have survived these three years otherwise. Fellow graduates, let’s acknowledge our families and the RP staff who have made our journey so memorable, and thank them for their guidance and patience.


Ong Shi Han

Ong Shi Han,
Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management,
School of Technology for the Arts

Lifelong friends are a gift that you must cherish with all your heart

"Friendships last for a lifetime" – Shi Han with her close friends at RP

A. B. Potts wrote, “Life is like a theatre, but the question is not whether you are in the audience or on the stage but rather, are you where you want to be?” As we all embark on our next adventure with the world as our stage, let this question take root in our minds as we choose our next step! Let us always follow our hearts and do what we love! Class of 2020, we did it!