Investment & Finance IG

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Investment & Finance IG

The Investment & Finance Interest Group (IFIG) relates to the topic of finance and accounting. We participate in and organise events to allow you to be exposed to the realm of financial literacy. 

The key activities can be split into 3 main areas: 

1. Learning: In order to gain a better understanding of finance, you will be given opportunities to attend many internal and external workshops, competitions and talks. 

Investment & Finance IG

Some of the competitions that you may look forward to are "FINEX Race" organized by NTU investment club and "SIM-Inc Forex Challenge" organised by SIM Investment Club.

2. Teaching: Besides having facilitators and external speakers, we also actively get engaged with workshops that will help you in the learning process. We hold peer to peer teaching sessions where you get to meet to learn and share financial literacy concepts in a nurturing and supportive environment.

3. Events Organising: Organising events are a big part of the interest group. These events will help you to learn financial literacy in a fun and interactive way. Some of the events include the annual "FLY Race" competition organised in conjunction with Centre for Financial Literacy and the “Financial Literacy for Children” program organised in conjunction with Care Corner Woodlands.

As Singapore is a leading financial hub for South East Asia and East Asian region, keeping you up-to-date with developments in finance will enhance your competitive edge in the business world.