Pentas Karyawan

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Pentas Karyawan (Malay Drama) 


Pentas Karyawan is a Malay Drama Group which aims to promote the Malay Language and literature.

Under the tutelage of well-known Theatre Practitioner Anwar Hadi Ramli, who has 20 years of experience in the local Malay Theatre scene, the interest group stages original scripts that are written and directed by their trainer.

With Anwar’s artistic guidance in the areas of acting, stage and production management, Pentas Karyawan is able to hold many successful productions such as Kurun Yang Hilang in 2014, Tahyul in 2015, and The Vicious Cycle of Malay Youths in 2016.

The interest group staged their first show for Reflections Arts Festival in 2016 titled ‘Siapa Curi Tudung Neelofa’; a show that was fully sold out.

Aside from their annual productions, Pentas Karyawan also stages ‘Arena Pentas’ annually where members acquire knowledge on directing and playwriting in addition to acting and production.

Pentas Karyawan hopes to keep the Malay Theatre scene alive on campus.