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Motorised housekeeping cart

01 Jun 2017

  • jun-17-a-motorised-housekeeping-cart-to-lighten-strenuous-work-2 (Original Size)

    jun-17-a-motorised-housekeeping-cart-to-lighten-strenuous-work-2 (Original Size)

The idea of having a motorised housekeeping cart was inspired by RP School of Hospitality lecturer, Mr Ng Yu Lik, who spent 25 years in the hotel industry. He recognised that it is challenging to manoeuvre a typical housekeeping cart, which weighs more than 100kg and that this can be strenuous for employees in the service industry, especially for the older workers.

Thus, a team of lecturers from RP School of Sports, Health and Leisure and RP School of Engineering got together to create a new design. Supported and funded by the Ageless Workplaces Innovation Grant from the Ministry of Health, our lecturers took an existing cart and mounted it on a motorised platform, which can be maneuvered electronically by pushing a few buttons.

The team hopes that their invention will help the industry to retain older workers. They are now in the process of building a prototype, taking on board feedback from end users as well as observations on how housekeepers work.