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A new partnership with CW Aero Services takes flight

08 Nov 2017

  • nov-17-a-new-partnership-with-cw-aero-services-takes-flight-2 (Original Size)

    nov-17-a-new-partnership-with-cw-aero-services-takes-flight-2 (Original Size)

Sparked by recent growth in Singapore’s aviation industry, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was inked on 8 November 2017 between RP and CW Aero Services to build a skilled workforce for the sector. This is a strategic move towards meeting the growing demand for aviation professionals by leveraging the RP talent pool.

The partnership provides a major pedagogical and knowledge-sharing platform and fuels a shared interest in aircraft maintenance and composite repair technologies through continuous learning opportunities and collaborative R&D projects. This cooperation takes the form of student fi nal-year projects and internships, alongside staff industrial attachments, and will benefi t present and future RP students from the fi elds of Aerospace Avionics, Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Management.