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Strengthening partnership with DHL with a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

07 Dec 2017

  • dec-17-strengthening-partnership-with-dhl-with-a-new-memorandum-of-understanding-mou-2 (Original Size)

    dec-17-strengthening-partnership-with-dhl-with-a-new-memorandum-of-understanding-mou-2 (Original Size)

RP inked an MOU with DHL Supply Chain Singapore Pte Ltd on 7 December 2017 as an extension of our friendship with one of our most supportive industry partners. Since 2011, DHL has trained 54 RP interns from RP School of Hospitality, RP School of Engineering and RP School of Applied Science.

Pivotal to this MOU is the DHL Customer Experience Programme for fi nal-year students from RP’s Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business, which offers students full-time employment upon graduation.