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Unveiling an integrated Foley Arts Studio

20 Jun 2017

  • jun-17-unveiling-an-integrated-foley-arts-studio-2 (Original Size)

    jun-17-unveiling-an-integrated-foley-arts-studio-2 (Original Size)

  • Unveiling an integrated Foley Arts Studio

    Unveiling an integrated Foley Arts Studio

The Foley Arts Studio was officially launched on 20 June 2017, with Minister for Communications and Information, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, gracing the occasion as Guest-of-Honour. The facility contains three breakout rooms where students can produce high quality everyday sounds for use in films and broadcast.

Enhancing this newly-fitted facility at RP are the formalised partnerships forged with established production houses – Yellow Box Studios and Beach House Pictures. These two tie-ups allow RP to tap on the expertise of both production houses while leveraging our Foley Arts Studio to create audio content. The partnerships also provide internship and mentorship opportunities for our students from RP’s Diploma in Sonic Arts.