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Sharing of expertise on e-commerce logistics with Indonesian organisations

12 Mar 2018

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    mar-18-sharing-of-expertise-on-e-commerce-logistics-2 (Original Size)

As part of Singapore and Indonesia’s bilateral efforts to develop a digital economy, RP signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) on 12 March 2018 with Indonesia’s Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and POS Indonesia Educational Foundation to cover a learning exchange programme with a focus e-commerce logistics.

This two-year programme is backed by Temasek Foundation International’s grant for training resources, with the other parties providing co-funding. It will focus on enhancing technical education courses in supply chain management for e-commerce offered by some polytechnics in Indonesia.

Through the sharing of RP’s Problem-based Learning pedagogy, coupled with RP’s capabilities in supply chain management, the programme will equip participants with effective curriculum design, delivery and assessment skills.