Modular Structure

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Modular Structure

RP’s curriculum follows a modular framework, and students take modules in the following categories: General, Discipline, Specialisation, Elective, Freely chosen modules and Industry Orientation Programme.

  • General modules help develop flexible broad-based competencies such as cognitive skills, communication skills, knowledge of organisational behaviour, and other 21st century competencies.

  • Discipline modules focus on the foundational underpinning of a chosen field of study by developing competencies and knowledge in the discipline.

  • Specialisation modules are designed for domain-specific training and to deepen the understanding of the chosen specialisation.

  • Elective modules are designed to complement the knowledge base and skills in the discipline.

  • Freely chosen modules allow students to pursue peripheral interests other than their chosen field of study.

  • Industry Orientation Programme, comprising Industry Immersion Programme, Project and Portfolio Development (for selected courses only), helps lay the foundation for industry readiness.

The above is not applicable for Polytechnic Foundation Programme.