Fun Start Move Smart! Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Introductory Workshop

The FUN Start MOVE Smart workshop is an introductory course that equips participants with the basic understanding of teaching FMS to children aged 2 to 8 years old. These skills refer to movements such as walking, running, leaping, balancing, throwing, catching, and many more.

FMS form the building blocks that underpin daily living activities and participation in sport., Children engage with their environment and learn about themselves and the world around them through movements. Being competent at moving also contributes to the holistic development of a child (e.g. physical, cognitive, and affective domains) and has lasting health benefits.

Through this workshop, participants will acquire the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help children achieve physical literacy and prepare them for an active and enriching life ahead.

Learning Objectives

The 1.5-day workshop focuses on exploring the fundamental movement skills of locomotion, object control and stability in a fun and creative manner. Participants will get to explore and partake in insightful motor skills activities especially designed in progressive stages for young children. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate each FMS.
  • Describe the movement concepts that aid the design of a movement session.
  • Adapt inexpensive equipment or readily available recycled materials from our daily environment to conduct FMS activities.
  • Explain how the activities can be integrated with lessons in other learning domains.
  • Apply tips and ideas to tackle common challenges faced by educators when teaching FMS to young children

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the workshop.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to FMS
  • Introduction to Growth and Motor Development
  • Teaching Fundamental Movement Skills (Pedagogical Principles)
  • Introduction to Movement Concepts
  • Observation and Assessment in Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Introduction and Teaching of Locomotor, Object Control and Stability Skills
  • Development of movement skills lesson plan
  • Warm up Activities
  • Parachute Games

Application of Pedagogical Concepts to actual scenarios

Who should attend?

  • Sport coaches, Preschool educators, early childhood educators, PE teachers, parents, individuals interested in teaching/coaching young children

Entry Requirement

This is an introductory course. No prior knowledge is required.


Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion upon meeting the 75% course attendance requirement.

For courses with formal assessment component, participants will be awarded the certification of completion upon passing the assessment. Otherwise, a certification of attendance will be issued instead upon meeting the 75% course attendance requirement.

Please click on the "Register" button to view the updated course schedule and fees on the Skills Training & Enhancement Portal (STEP).
Please click on the "Register" button to view the updated course schedule and fees on the Skills Training & Enhancement Portal (STEP).

Last updated on 01 Mar 2024

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