Making Thinking Visible

Learning Objectives

This programme introduces learners to visual thinking processes, techniques and tools. It allows learners to explore problems from divergent perspectives, improve their observation skills and enhance their ability to distil key themes from complex information.


The range of visual vocabulary develops learners' ability to communicate ideas powerfully, as well as sharpening the consideration of how issues are framed. It also assists learners in delivering powerful presentations.


These skills can also be adopted at the workplace to address a variety of problems. Learners will be able to examine issues from different perspectives, generate novel insights and communicate their solutions persuasively. In doing so, learners identify helpful approaches and mental models that build resilience and cultivate a growth mindset, thereby promoting personal growth and effectiveness.


*For effective interaction and learning, the class will have a minimum group size of 15 participants and maximum no. of 25 participants.


Who Should Attend?

Teachers, Trainers, Instructors, Facilitators, Academic Leaders, Heads of Departments, and Learning and Development (L&D) Managers from Educational and Training Institutions


Entry Requirement

Local diploma qualification or equivalent from recognised institutions. IT literacy and ability to use online tools.



Participants will be awarded the Certificate of Attendance by Republic Polytechnic upon meeting 75% of attendance requirement. 

Course Dates

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12 hours facilitator-led training

2 hours assessment



To be confirmed

Fees for 2022

Full course fee (with GST) Singapore Citizens aged 39 & below OR Singapore PR Singapore Citizens aged 40 & above SME-sponsored Singapore Citizens OR Singapore PR
$545.70 $163.71 $54.57 $61.71

Fees for 2023

Full Course Fees (with GST) Singapore Citizens aged 39 & below Singapore Citizens aged 40 & above Singapore PR SME-sponsored Singapore Citizens SME-sponsored Singapore PR
$550.80 $163.71 $54.57 $165.24 $61.71 $63.24
- Payment may be made using SkillsFuture Credit.
- Fees reflected are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). In line with the government fee freeze directive from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2023, the fees in 2023 for Singapore Citizen will remain the same as 2022. RP will absorb the additional 1% GST for Singapore Citizen in 2023 only.

Republic Polytechnic reserves the right to make changes to the course fee and application closing dates without prior notice. The commencement of each course is subject to sufficient number of participants. 

All information is accurate at time of publishing. 
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